Now read this! Author recommendations

Marissa Meyer

By Vicky Jadus

Grade 8

My favorite book author is Marissa Meyer who writes Young Adult fiction books. I chose her because she wrote my favorite series, “The Lunar Chronicles.” What I like about her books is that she bases her stories on fairy tales.

The first book, “Cinder,” is based off of Cinderella. She has to overcome her stepmother, and overall the evil queen in the rest of the series. In the next book, “Scarlet,” the main character, who is based off of little red riding hood is added to the story and both she and Cinder come together to battle the queen. I like that each book she adds a new character to join the group.

I like how she focuses on the main character throughout the series instead of just focusing on the new characters. There are four books, and we follow Cinder around throughout the entire series. I really dislike authors who drop the main character in the sequel.

Gary Paulsen

By Will Deveroux

Grade 7

My favorite book author is Gary Paulsen. Gary Paulsen Is an amazing author. He has written many excellent books, such as “Hatchet,” a book about a boy that crashes a plane into the Canadian wilderness and learns to survive. Gary Paulsen is known for his fantastic survival books. They are very descriptive and when you’re reading one of his books it seems like you’re actually in the situation yourself. His books are unlike others because Gary Paulsen has actually been in some of the positions himself. Gary’s books genre is young adult fiction, adventure and nonfiction. His books make for a chilling experience. For example, the book, “Brian’s Hunt,” the fifth and final book of the “Hatchet” series. The boy named Brian from “Hatchet” is hunting the “devil bear” and you feel like something’s watching you, as Brian felt in the book. His books are very exquisite, I highly recommend reading his books if you haven’t already.

Lemony Snicket

By Annabel Dysinger

Grade 8

My favorite book author is Lemony Snicket, the author of the “Series of Unfortunate Events” books. These books are about three orphans whose parents die in a fire and are forced to live with their evil relative, Count Olaf. Throughout the books the orphans are constantly running from him and surviving nearly unbelievable circumstances. I like his writing because it is very mysterious and different from other writers. Not only is his writing mysterious, but the author himself is too. In the “Series of Unfortunate Events” books he often talks about himself in the stories. Adding to the mystery, Lemony Snicket is actually a pseudonym; his real name is Daniel Handler. Throughout his writing he often goes on tirades about things that aren’t even related to the book. It makes me curious about who the “real” Daniel Handler is.

Pam Munoz Ryan

By Zorah Ngu

Grade 5

Pam Munoz Ryan is one of my favorite book authors. She’s written the books, “Echo,” “Esperanza Rising” and “The Dreamer.” She is my favorite author because her books are like stories that are not true, but shed light on a very serious topic.

Her book “Echo” is about three main characters that have totally different personalities, but are connected with a special harmonica. The first part of the book, is about a boy named Friedrich suffering without his dad.(he’s not dead!) Even though it has funny parts and sad parts, it highlights Hitler’s rule in Germany.

The second part of the book is about a boy named Michael (Mike) and his little brother Francis (Frankie) who get adopted by woman they call ‘Auntie’.They set out to follow their dreams of playing the harmonica and find out why ‘Auntie’ doesn’t like them much.

I think that lots of children need homes, and the only way they can get them is being adopted.