News from past Februarys in Williston history (2/25/10)

Feb. 25, 2010

Staff report

· In February 1986, the Williston Whistle reported on a proposed expansion at Trinity Baptist Church on Mountain View Road. Plans for the expansion called for an auditorium complex, classrooms, administrative offices, a conference room and a high school building.

· The paper reported in February 1991 that Arlene and Waldo Siple had in January announced a decision to sell the development rights of their 243-acre farm on South Road to the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board, the town of Williston, the Vermont Department of Agriculture and the Land Trust. The Siples sold the property for $394,000.

· Rick McGuire became Williston’s town manager in February 1998, the Whistle reported in its Feb. 19 issue of that year. McGuire was hired in December 1997 to replace former Town Manager Bill Dugan, who left the position in October 1997. McGuire was chosen from a pool of 30 candidates.

· The Williston Central School’s “A” team Bobcats finished off the basketball season in February 2004 with a perfect record. The Bobcats averaged a 22-point margin of victory in their 16-0 record.

· In the first week of February 2005, thieves stole a life-sized Gumby statue from the home of Barb Giardi and Norm Reuss. The couple soon received a ransom letter with a set of demands, including the ouster of former President George W. Bush and the legalization of marijuana.

· On Feb. 11, 2008, the Vermont Commission of Family Recognition and Protection took public testimony on whether Vermont lawmakers should pass legislation allowing gay marriage. An overwhelming majority spoke in favor of gay marriage during the forum at Williston Central School. More than a year later in April 2009, Vermont lawmakers passed legislation legalizing same-sex marriage.