New Trends and Technology in Flooring

Saturday, 4 p.m and Sunday, 2 p.m.

Looking to upgrade your floors but donít know where to start? Join us to learn more about the latest trends in flooring and new technologies that have homeowners excited about reinventing their floors and increasing the overall value of their homes! 

Kyle Santor, a 30-year veteran of the industry, will review the benefits of each type of flooring (hardwood, tile, carpet, vinyl, etc.) and where each works best in your home and why. Heíll also share tips on Installation dos and doníts for all of you DIYers in need of smart strategies prior to tackling the job yourself. 

Whether youíre interested in adding comfort to a room with new luxury carpeting, integrating a design splash in your bathroom with tile or installing hardwood in the dining room like youíve always dreamed of, this workshop can help you determine which flooring selections make the most sense for you and your familyís lifestyle.

Kyle Santor got his start in the flooring industry over 30 years ago when a friend needed help with his construction business. He quickly discovered that he enjoyed helping customers reinvent their homes with new flooring. ìI really like the beautification process that unfolds when you install new floors. Itís amazing to see the transformation that takes place and the value it adds to the home,î he says. 

Santor holds several flooring certifications from organizations such as the National Hardwood Lumber Association and Certified Flooring Industry Association.