New sidewalk sections to be plowed

By Ben Moger-Williams
Observer staff

Walking on the bike path and sidewalks this winter should be a little easier for some Williston residents. The Selectboard on Monday approved three sections of the town’s sidewalk and bike path system for winter maintenance.

Each year, Public Works Director Neil Boyden receives requests from residents asking for plowing on certain sidewalks and sections of the bike path. Boyden must review the requests and determine if they are in accordance with the Sidewalk Winter Maintenance Policy. The Selectboard then reviews the requests that Boyden presents to them. The board considers such things as cost effectiveness, links to public transportation sites, and popular demand.

This year, Boyden received and approved three requests. The first request was from residents of Falcon Manor and Eagle Crest senior housing developments. The residents asked for plowing of sidewalks between the two apartment complexes , and along Helena Drive.

The second request was from an individual, Adam Huff of Lamplite Acres. In a letter to Boyden, Huff said he enjoyed walking along South Brownell Road between Williston Road and Marshall Avenue to bring his daughter to daycare, but found last year that the walks were not plowed in the winter.

“Our walk, which was primarily on the shoulder of Brownell Road, was dangerous and difficult,” Huff wrote.

The final request was in the form of a petition from the owners, employees and tenants of various businesses on Marshall Avenue and South Brownell Road, asking for these areas to be plowed. The petition also mentioned plowing Harvest Lane, but Boyden recommended that section be added to next year’s list instead.

Boyden estimated the annual seasonal cost to plow all of the approved sections to be about $3,000.