My pet questions

‘Ocean’ by Gianna Petrunich, Grade 5

Tyler Forrest

Grade 7

If I could ask animals questions, I would definitely have a lot of questions to ask. I would probably start out by asking dogs questions. One question would be, do you have to bark when someone knocks on the door or rings the doorbell? Another question I would ask is, what is so entertaining about tug of war or catching a ball? After I asked dogs a few questions, I would probably move on to cats. A question I would ask a cat is, why do you hiss at some people and purr around others? I would also ask cats why they even have the guts to touch their own food. Then, I would probably ask pet rodents like guinea pigs a few questions. My biggest question would probably be, why are you so afraid of your owners? The funny thing about guinea pigs is once you pick them up, they are suddenly calm. It would be very interesting to ask animals questions if they could answer. I know I would have a lot of questions!


I am a veterinarian

By Anna Thorley-Ducette

Grade 1

I am a veterinarian.

I wonder about animals.

I hear dogs.

I feel cats.

I see animals.

I want to have a dog.

I hope no dogs die.

I am a veterinarian.

I worry one dog won’t survive.

I try to help all dogs.

I wish I could have animals.

I say it is going to be ok.

I can’t wait to get a dog or a cat.

I am a veterinarian.


By Francis Dasilva
Grade 4
Bufferd lives in the jungle. Bufferd is the strongest animal in the jungle. It is a predator to mice and all snakes. Bufferd is always ready to attack threats or prey. Bufferd would make a great pet for many reasons. It cuddles like a boss, will protect you at all times and will always comfort you.