My favorite thing to do with my family

Grade 3

My family and I like to sit in the living room and watch TV before bed. Sometimes I play on my computer with my sister while we watch. Its really fun. It is also fun to just chat with family and have some family time. My favorite thing to do with my family is to sit down and enjoy a show with them.

One of the reasons I like to have family time around the TV is that I learn new things. When I don’t understand something, I ask my mom or dad about it. They pause the show, and explain it to me. Some of the shows we watch are; Once Upon a Time, Elementry, Sherlock, Jeopardy, Wheel Of Fortune, Survivor and sometimes Hockey (because of my dad). My dad likes to flip channels a lot. We get mad at him when he does.

Another reason that I like to watch TV with my family is that it’s fun to bond with them. We watch shows and we laugh at jokes together. Sometimes when we are watching Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune, we like to guess the sentence or answer to the question. I feel really connected to them when we are watching shows together.

I really like to sit around the TV in our living room with my family because we watch funny and fun to watch shows, we bond while watching TV and we get to learn new things together.