My favorite thing about myself is…

What is your favorite thing about yourself?

I am kind to people by doing things people like. Like my brother wanted the game I was playing so I let him have a turn. Reilly Saylor, Kindergarten


I make my sister happy when we play with my puppy. We start to play with each other and then I make her laugh by doing funny stuff. Isabella Urch, Kindergarten
I’m so adorable and cute and I have such good ideas. Madi Tucker, Kindergarten


I’m good at driving trains.  Vince Baker, Kindergarten


I have a desk and I do my homework at it. Lauren Morris, Kindergarten

I’m cute and I like to help clean up. Sophia Higa, Kindergarten

I’m really good at coloring. Colin Sheehan, Kindergarten


I’m cool. Isaiah Roberts, Kindergarten

I love my family. Blake Martin, Kindergarten

I am nice and I like giving Mommy hugs. Nicholas Paris, Kindergarten

My heart and my brain. Noah Lawlor, Kindergarten

I wear glasses. Katelyn Reagan, Grade 1


I eat healthy foods to get stronger. Jaydon Bushong, Grade 2

I have a great teacher. Sarah Boisjoli, Grade 1

I love Math. Jackson DuBois, Grade 1

I play t-ball. Sarah Rock, Grade 2
I’ve got magic in myself. Audrey Brown, Grade 1

I am good at math. Robert Nesbit, Grade 2


My compassion. Kady Cassani, Grade 1


I can make buddies. MJ Mathiowetz, Grade 1


I like that I’m not a mean kid. John Kerbaugh, Grade 2
I like that I help my parents. Sophia Lawlor Grade 2


I am good at putting make-up on myself. Ella Pilon, Kindergarten


I can run and do a backflip in the pool. Aiden Fuller, Kindergarten

I like that I’m smart because it helps me to be a fast worker so I am not the last one done on test. Naomi Oxender, Grade 2
My body because it helps me to live. Evan Labrie, Grade 1


That I have a mom and dad.  Thomas Mathon Grade 1
I am very friendly, I am active at times and I love playing with my big brother.  Seth Seymour-Neill, Grade 1
I know 2 different languages. Kyle Krieger, Grade 1
I have a heart and I love people. Sophie Avery, Grade 1


My favorite thing about myself is that I am a good athlete. I like being an athlete because I love sports and it’s a lot of fun. I am developing skills that I would not develop if I didn’t play sports such as perseverance and teamwork. Sports are my life! Margaret Mathon, Grade 7

My favorite thing about myself is I always try to stay positive and never get stressed. I can’t say that I’ve never been stressed. But if you try to stay positive, good things happen. Sometimes when you’re stressed and you get in an argument, you say things you don’t mean. Zach Roy, Grade 8




My favorite thing about myself is that I don’t give up easily. I think that’s good because if I am doing something hard and it doesn’t work, I keep trying to do it and eventually I get it down. Kyle Sargent, Grade 6


My favorite thing about myself is that I like nature. Hayden Durgin


My favorite thing about myself is my personality. I always feel happy unless something’s wrong. Emma Anderson


I am smart. Noah LeCours
My favorite thing about myself is that when I get a bad score on my report card I don’t beat myself up about it. Mary McNamara


That I am a dare devil. Sabina Brochu, Grade 4