Motorists watch out for wildlife, upcoming Williston roadwork

A number of roadway improvement projects have begun around Williston, and messages have been released by the state and regional planning agency about possible changes to keep an eye on.

Last week, the Agency of Transportation warned motorists about them hearing “reports concerning deer and moose on paved roads around the state” emerging from the woods to lick salt off the pavement.

“When driving in rural parts of Vermont, watch for our four-legged friends especially around dusk,” wrote Brent Curtis, the public outreach coordinator for VTrans. “Moose and deer are not the only creatures on the blacktop this time of year. Turtles are especially vulnerable as they begin their springtime rituals…Let’s remember to share the road with everybody and especially with the critters.”

Additionally, there are the non-wildlife critters, including transportation workers and construction equipment, as well as the informational signage appearing on the roadways, from roadway design improvements to traffic easement efforts.

Work to repair the Exit 12 bridge over the interstate will create lane closures on Route 2A in the evenings between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. over the weekend of June 4 and 5. Traffic controllers will be on hand to maintain some traffic flow, and I-89 will stay open, but just two lanes, according to the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission.

In Williston, the area just south of Essex Junction on Route 2A is commencing with a first phase of the planned circumfrential highway alternative. Although the project isn’t slated to commence until the 2019 construction year, the state is currently conducting an environmental impact survey (EIS) and obtaining private property rights along the half-mile stretch in the northernmost part of the state highway’s span in Williston.

Also on Route 2A, from Hurricane Lane to the junction of 2A and Route 116, the road will be reduced to one lane for a culvert project at times, the state said. Drivers should expect delays during commuting hours as the road is reduced between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

And finally, another project in the works is reconstruction of the intersection at Industrial Avenue, and a resurfacing of Route 2 in Williston, the site said. Currently, they are conducting traffic and construction analysis. Starting in 2019, there will be a temporary roadway, and work on one side of the road. There will be times when resurfacing will begin at the South Burlington/Williston town line, and head east along Route 2 for 1.05 miles.

—Observer staff