MorrisSwitzer looks to add office buildings (8/6/09)

Aug. 6, 2009

By Tim Simard

Observer staff

A local development company is looking to expand with a small development of its own.


    Observer photo by Tim Simard
MorrisSwitzer Environments for Health, located on Talcott Road, will go before the Development Review Board with plans to build two 2,000-square-foot office buildings.

MorrisSwitzer Environments for Health wants to add two 2,000-square-foot office buildings to its property on Talcott Road.

Representatives with the company will go before the Development Review Board for a pre-application hearing to unveil plans on Tuesday.

The company develops health care facilities, mainly in the Northeast. Besides its Williston location, MorrisSwitzer also has offices in Portland, Maine and Boston.

MorrisSwitzer co-owner Dan Morris said the new buildings would help expand and streamline the company’s offices. The company currently occupies a two-story office building that Morris also believes could be used more effectively.

One of the small buildings will house the company’s corporate offices, Morris said. There will be room for private offices, a conference room, reception area and kitchenette.

Morris also said he has no immediate plans to construct the second office building. He said he wanted to get the permitting completed with the town early for when the company decides to move forward.

Besides adding office space to the property, Morris said there are plans to rearrange the company’s current office building layout.

“We’ve wanted for years to bring everyone down to one floor,” Morris said.

He foresees better communication between his design and development staffs if they work hand in hand with each other, rather than being scattered throughout the building.

The change in layout and the addition of a new office building will free up 60 percent of the second floor’s offices, Morris said. Marketing and accounting offices would still remain on the second floor, he added.

He’s planning to rent the second floor office space to interested parties within the next six months.

Morris said his business continues to plug away even in the economic recession. He credits the health care industry’s resilience to certain economic trends in keeping MorrisSwitzer viable.

“It continues to be less bad than the other (industries), so we’ve been kind of fortunate,” Morris said.

The Development Review Board meeting is scheduled for Aug. 11 at 7:30 p.m. at Town Hall.