More research scheduled for Town Plan (2/11/10)

After identifying eight focus areas in the Town Plan that need updating, the Planning Commission scheduled four more meetings to elicit opinions from the public.

Planning Director Ken Belliveau said the commission plans to give more detailed explanations on several areas, including growth management, open space and energy.

“Rather than moving directly into forming task forces, as we’ve alluded to, we’ll have additional meetings that are more focused,” Belliveau said.

By presenting more pointed details and discussions, the commission hopes to then form separate groups to research potential Town Plan updates. Also, the meetings will provide an opportunity to scale down the eight focus areas to smaller groups of study.

Like every municipality in Vermont, Williston must update a Town Plan every five years. The Planning Commission will work on updates and revisions throughout 2010. The Selectboard will then ratify a new town plan, potentially by February 2011.

All meetings start at 7:15 p.m. and run approximately two hours. The upcoming meeting dates and subjects are as follows:

Feb. 18 at Town Hall – Growth, Growth Management and Public Infrastructure

March 2 at Town Hall – Transportation and Alternative Transportation

March 4 at Williston Fire Station – Energy

March 11 at Town Hall – Open Space and Water Quality


— Tim Simard, Observer staff