Molestation suspect still in Maine (6/11/09)

June 11, 2009

By By Tim Simard

Observer staff

A Williston man suspected of drugging and molesting a 13-year-old girl before fleeing to Maine has waived extradition.

As a result, Robert Kolibas, 50, was scheduled to be brought back to Burlington this week by the Chittenden County Sheriff’s Department, said Williston Police Officer Debbie Davis. Kolibas was jailed in Machias, Maine last week after being arrested on June 1 with a warrant from Vermont District Court. As of press deadline, he remained in jail in Maine, said Paula Johnson-Rolfe, the administrative assistant for the Washington County Sheriff’s Department in Maine.

Davis said Kolibas waived extradition in the Washington County courthouse on Friday.

Kolibas is charged with lewd and lascivious conduct with a child, second degree unlawful restraint, and giving a drug to a minor.

Police allege that Kolibas assaulted the teen, a friend of his daughter, during a sleepover at the family’s home. The alleged victim told police Kolibas gave her a smoothie drink that “tasted funny,” according to a police affidavit. A urine sample from the girl tested positive for the sedative Benzodiazepine. Police allege Kolibas put the drug into the drink for the girl and his daughter before the incident occurred.

The alleged victim told police that while she was molested, Kolibas might have taken pictures of her; she saw several flashes of light during the alleged incident.

The Chittenden Unit for Special Investigations is currently searching through three cameras and five computers seized from the Kolibas home on May 30. The married father of four fled the state before police could arrest him in connection with the case.

CUSI Detective Diana Miranowicz did not say if investigators have discovered any new evidence.

“We’re still working on the investigation,” Miranowicz said.

Miranowicz said if any new evidence emerges, it’s possible Kolibas could face more charges. If convicted of the current charges, Kolibas could face up to 20 years in prison.

Miranowicz said she’s received “several” calls from concerned residents in regards to the case. She wouldn’t comment on how many callers may have also had children or relatives sleep over at the Kolibas house.

“There’s a lot of people calling with questions and we’re doing the best we can to answer them,” Miranowicz said.