LIFE IN WILLISTON: Romance or finance?

By Karen Wyman

Some people treat Valentine’s Day as if it was just another day, but many of us love to have the perfect excuse for a date night with our sweetheart. The most obvious choice for celebrating is dinner and a movie, and Williston has us nicely covered for both activities. For those who prefer to stay in, we have wonderful markets to help create a romantic dinner complete with the perfect wine or microbrew, a great video store to pick out that must-see rental and now even a cupcake store for a sweet dessert! Of course, the customary gifts of heartfelt cards, gorgeous bouquets of flowers, delicious gourmet chocolates and exquisite jewelry are also conveniently found in Williston. You can declare your love for your significant other and for Williston by supporting locally owned businesses! Wander into one of these specialty stores, and I guarantee you will find the perfect sentiment for your loved one.

If you are looking for a more nontraditional date, Williston also offers many creative alternatives to dinner and a movie. How about a couple’s massage at one of our local spas (relaxing and romantic!), a private dance lesson at one of our dance studios (how passionate!), a training session at one of our health clubs (getting fit together is hot!), or even a moonlight snowshoe walk on one of our many trails? Ok, now I’ve really put the pressure on you to use your imagination this year!

Unfortunately for me (and for my hubby), it seems February is more about finance than romance. Besides the daunting task of organizing the income tax information, I also find myself in total fundraiser mode. One of my favorite yearly commitments is being a coordinator for the American Cancer Society’s Daffodil Days. Nothing beats the idea of brightening the day of both adults and children who are bravely battling cancer by presenting them with cheerful daffodils or a teddy bear! If you are interested in this wonderful cause, you can visit for more information. As many of you know, we have an ACS office right here in Williston where you can also stop in for more information.

This year, I am also excited that my girls are old enough to participate and sell Girl Scout Cookies.To be fair, I can’t really say that I am working very hard at this project. I mean these things sell themselves—people are knocking on our door to buy them! Granted, I do have to handle the pricing and money collection, since one of my girls informed a neighbor that each box costs “40 bucks.” She may actually be a budding saleswoman, because once our neighbor learned the real bargain price of $4 a box, he bought $40 worth. If you are all salivating for Girl Scout cookies, you can visit and download “The Official Girl Scout Cookie Finder.” Yes, there is an app for that! We also have a Girl Scout office right here in Williston if you need further information.

For the next few months, my financial focus will be on the FAP’s (Families As Partners) largest community fundraising event for the Williston schools—The Big Basket Raffle. Area businesses generously donate to various themed baskets or to a silent auction. This year, some of the themes are: “Family Entertainment,” “Green Living,” “Spa Day,” “Golf Fanatic” and many more. Everyone is invited to attend this spectacular event and hopefully bid big on some of these great items! If you’d like to be involved in the Big Basket Raffle or have your business featured in one of the various baskets, you may contact FAP at

I may have unintentionally given you all fair warning, but please don’t hide if you see me coming toward you these next few months—even though the chances are quite high that I will be asking you for money!

Karen Wyman has been a Williston resident for seven years, and lives with her husband and twin 5-year-old daughters.