Letters to the Editor12/4/08

Dec. 4, 2008

Green living in Williston

On behalf of the Williston Green Initiatives (a subgroup of WING focused on reducing Williston’s carbon footprint), I would like to thank the composters (and budding composters!) who came to our Composting in Winter 101 workshop on Nov. 12. We are inspired by your interest and enthusiasm in composting and hope to see you again at future events.

We would also like to thank our partners who helped make the event happen. Chittenden Solid Waste District generously donated time, materials and expertise. The town of Williston provided financial support for refreshments. A local gardening store allowed us to borrow a compost tumbler for demonstration purposes. Last but certainly not least, we’d like to thank the library for the use of their space and equipment and their gracious assistance. The library staff pleasantly surprised us with a display table of books on composting and the environment. This is a fine example of residents, town government, a solid waste district and a local business contributing towards a vibrant community.

Lynn Blevins



Politics over racism

In the Nov 26th edition of the Observer, Spencer M. Wright opines that if anyone is doubtful of President-elect Obama’s abilities or character we must be hate-filled racists (“Guest Column: Now that the election is over”). We don’t worry about Mr. Obama because he is black but because of his ultra liberal voting record and the fact that he associates for long periods of time with real hate-filled racists. Is racism the reason liberals don’t like Condi Rice (my favorite secretary of state of all time) or was racism the reason Michael Steele (former Lt. Gov of Maryland) was not elected to the Senate a couple of years ago?

Ralph M. McGregor



A wonderful Thanksgiving

I am writing to thank the Williston Federated Church for putting up the Thanksgiving dinner. My friend next door, Lynn Whalen, and I didn’t quite know where to spend our Thanksgiving. My family is in Croatia and hers in the other states of America. Last year we had our Thanksgiving dinner at Sweetwaters, but this year we were afraid the restaurant would be too crowded to find seats.

When I saw the ad in the Essex Reporter for Thanksgiving dinner at Williston Federated Church, I immediately called. Denise, the organizer, was very welcoming and said it was their first year organizing the Thanksgiving dinner.

We came to the church at noon on Thanksgiving Day. My friend was happy we found a parking place right next to the church, with a ramp, as she has a disability that makes it hard to climb stairs.

The dinner was excellent. There was, of course, the inevitable turkey, mashed potatoes, squash, stuffing, cranberry sauce, bread and lots of pies.

“It’s wonderful, it tastes just like my cooking,” I said, and I take a lot of pride in my homemade cooking. Not only was the dinner excellent, they gave us carry-out containers to take home.

My friend and I were in very good spirits when we left the church and took a scenic route home to Essex Junction. We were only sorry we were so stuffed we couldn’t even eat our desserts. But when we got home, we were pleasantly surprised to open our take-out containers and found three pieces of pie there!

We had a piece of pumpkin pie with our coffee in the late afternoon to conclude our celebration. To my joy, it also tasted just like my homemade pumpkin pie — I always make pumpkin pie fresh from pumpkin. I was happy I could take a break from cooking for a couple days and saved my pumpkin for a Christmas pumpkin pie!

Vesna Dye

Essex Junction


Let us work toward peace

Since the Nov. 13 Letters to the Editor criticizing my Nov. 6 guest column, my response to the poison arrows of hatred fired at me — because I suggest it is time for “business-as-usual” government to be retired — has been roiling; as a good wine must work, or perfect sauerkraut must work in a brine.

This will be my seventh or eighth letter in my search to expose the type of people these letter writers are. It is a “type” of person in this world whom has warred against his fellow human being. It is a “type” of spirit that drops thousands of tons of bombs on a Palestine city. A type of thinking that needs to be cried out against.

Yes, I am a hypocrite … and only in the sense of the original Greek meaning: an actor. Are we not all acting? In some mystical sense?

I am a songwriter. I am a street entertainer. I am a part of the art community. And who have historically been the few who distinguish themselves to be noticed by their fellows and then turn their art to the notion of “peace?”

May the true spirit of Christmas enter all our hearts and grow and multiply; and let us all pray that war becomes no more. And with it “business as usual” cronies are retired. Obsolete. Let us build factories to melt down the world’s cruel steel and beat and mold … to plowshares and share the land.

John Martin Holland