Letters to the Editor11/20/08

Nov. 20, 2008

Appreciation to voters

On behalf of the families of the soldiers, I would like to thank the many residents of Williston for their support on Tuesday, Nov. 4, when they came to the Williston Armory to vote. We held a bake sale to benefit the families and soldiers and many people were both kind and generous.

Kay Mitchell


Macaig thanks voters

Thank you to the voters of Williston who supported me in my campaign for State Representative. I am most appreciative of your confidence in me and in my service to you. It will be my pleasure to serve all residents of this wonderful town in the Legislature. The next two years look to be very difficult ones and I will represent all of your interests to the best of my ability. In order to do that, I will need your input on legislation of interest to you. I look forward to continuing to serve you.

Terry Macaig, Representative-elect


Grateful citizen

I would like to thank the person who returned my cell phone to the Williston Police Department on Saturday, Nov. 15. I had spent the morning running errands and walking my dog on the Williston bike path, only to find at the end of the morning my phone had fallen out of my coat pocket! I looked everywhere I could think of, retracing my steps several times. I was very grateful when later that evening there was a message on my husband’s cell phone from the Williston Police Department, indicating a good Samaritan had turned it in. I am truly thankful to the person who found it and brought it to the police department, and to the police department for contacting us that it had been found.

Veronica Gaffney
Essex Junction


Another history lesson?

Three letters to the editor were published last week in response to John Holland’s Nov. 6 guest column about Republican conservatism. Steve Letares’ states that Mr. Holland and all Democrats “are equally responsible and culpable for atrocities against humanity.” Tony O’Rourke referred to Mr. Holland as ignorant, hateful, ridiculous, anti-American and a Marxist. Nicolas Xartopoulos’ letter was not as straightforward. It referred to Holland as a “fool” and offered a brief “Democrat and Republican history” on the many liberal positions taken by Republicans in the 19th century.

I am not a political historian. As I recall from school, the first Democratic president was Andrew Jackson. Jackson ordered all Native Americans (mistakenly called Indians) to relocate west of the Mississippi. Many Indians refused to move and their case went before the U.S. Supreme Court. The Indians won the lawsuit, but Jackson asked the court, “How are you going to enforce your ruling? I’m the head of our Armed Forces.” Jackson began killing Indians and they were forced to move west. Twenty-five percent of them were killed or died of starvation or illness before they crossed the Mississippi — the Trail of Tears.

Jackson was popular, considered ultra-conservative and was re-elected.

Mr. Xartopoulos’ points out that Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president and he tried to free the slaves. Lincoln was considered by many to be ultra-liberal. A group of ultra-conservatives assassinated him.

Somehow, between then and now, things got twisted around. At the beginning of the Great Depression, our Republican president, Herbert Hoover, was conservative. He felt it would be wrong for the government to meddle in the nation’s economy. Then F.D. Roosevelt, a liberal Democrat, was elected president. Conservatives were against the United States entering World War II. Can anyone imagine what our world would be like today if we had lost that war?

I am liberal. Many of my closest friends are conservative. I disagree with them but I will never call them ignorant, hateful, ridiculous, anti-American or culpable for atrocities against humanity!

Wayne Martens