Letters to the Editor10/23/08

Oct. 23, 2008

Dubie is ‘dedicated candidate’

Brian Dubie wants our vote not as an ambitious politician only interested in gaining office, but to be able to serve us, and he puts great effort into all of his endeavors. While dealing with hostile members of the Legislature, Brian has the knack for smoothing out differences in a diplomatic way and in his travels in and out of the state or to other countries he is a valuable ambassador.

It comes easily to him because he is a Christian gentleman brought up in a family with good manners and respect for others. Along with his siblings, he was taught right from wrong and sets proper examples for our young people as he works to prepare them for productive lives in a safer environment.

Brian Dubie has served his state and country during his many years in the Vermont Air Guard, with tours of duty in other countries, often at critical times. Waiting in an armed and ready warplane for the word to engage in combat required faith, skill in his profession and the knowledge to carry out the mission. As an airline pilot, Brian realizes how important it is to prepare for each flight by checking all systems in the aircraft, studying the weather along the route and being familiar with recent changes in traffic control. This attention to details stays with him in his role as lieutenant governor of Vermont.

We have an honest, knowledgeable, dedicated candidate with an excellent track record who takes the time to acknowledge other people for their contributions. Martha Hanson, his office manager, makes visitors at ease and keeps business moving along. Penny Dubie and their children give one a feeling of confidence and support. Brian Dubie and those around him are a tremendous asset to Vermont, so let us vote for him regardless

of party affiliation.

J. Francis Angier


Outgoing rep endorses Macaig, Symington

I am not running for re-election to the Vermont House and I heartily recommend Terry Macaig to you as my successor, who I served with on the Selectboard. He came to the board already with a wealth of service to the community, and he has brought the same steady common sense to our thorny, townwide issues. Terry has the broad respect in Williston that is essential to be an effective representative.

The choice for governor also is critical and clear to me. I never mastered the sound bite as a politician. Our state is facing issues that are too important, and frankly, we all know that the answers are not simple gimmicks. I’ve seen all three candidates for governor in action, but only one who has brought together all the stakeholders and experts to forge real solutions on critical problems in energy, workforce development, health care, housing and education funding. It is the type of leadership we must have in these challenging times. I hope you join me in voting for Gaye Symington.

Rep. Mary Peterson, D-Williston

Support the Democratic representatives

Experience or judgment? That is the dilemma facing us in the national election this fall.

But here in Williston we are fortunate to have both in one candidate — Terry Macaig. I have had the honor of working with Terry in several capacities over the years. Whether it be through our town’s Selectboard, his continued active participation in Boy Scouting or his leadership at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Terry demonstrates every day the true meaning of citizenship. Terry is politically moderate, fiscally conservative and has an unwavering sense of personal integrity. He knows Williston families and Williston issues and, along with Jim McCullough, will use that experience to make a difference for us in Montpelier. Please join me in voting for Jim McCullough and my friend Terry Macaig for state representative on Nov. 4.

Jeanne Jensen


Agreeing with Terry Macaig

Terry is for fixing our roads and so am I. He is for finding other ways to fund education and so am I. He is not for decommissioning of Vermont Yankee in 2012 and I agree with him. And I think he is for the Circ and so am I. What a waste all these years fighting the Circ! He is for low-income housing. I am also for low-income housing.

Although a quiet man, he has had lots of experience with Williston’s government and would be an asset in Montpelier sharing what he has learned and been involved with here as we have had much growth and change in the last 30 years. He has experienced many pros and cons of issues and knows what the majority of the people of Williston have concerns about and how they feel about what’s happening in their town. I think he deserves a chance to represent us in Montpelier.

Ginger Isham


Ashe for senate

I am excited to be able to vote for Tim Ashe for Chittenden County State Senate. In his years on the Burlington City Council, Tim has worked with residents and with colleagues across party lines to create a new city-owned park, increase opportunities for affordable home ownership, encourage “green building” and protect workers rights, while holding the line on spending.

Tim understands the importance of making health care and energy affordable for all Vermonters. In his work with Cathedral Square, he has helped create affordable housing for seniors. With Bernie Sanders, who has endorsed him, Tim has worked with veterans and low income Vermonters to help connect them with the services they need. In these difficult economic times, we need a state senator with a proven record of getting things done for Vermonters. Tim Ashe has my enthusiastic support.

Elizabeth Skarie


Thanks to CVU Football Boosters

In September, the Champlain Valley Union High School auditorium fundraising effort got a “boost” from the CVU Football Boosters through a collaboration on Spirit Day with food and beverage concessions. This was a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness of the auditorium renovation project as well as to raise money toward the private fundraising goal. Our sincere thanks go to the hardworking Boosters, and especially Tracy Simmons and Kay Gault, for their energy and organization, and also to Lori Smith, for her help and for bringing such phenomenal leadership to Friends of CVU. Support like this brings us ever so much closer to ensuring a safe, accessible, and functional learning and performance space for all of our students and the CSSU community as a whole. Again, our thanks!

Jenny Blanchard, Charlotte; Nancy Boyle, Hinesburg; Ian deGroot, Charlotte; Meg Hart Smith, Williston; Joan Lenes, Shelburne; Connie Metz, Shelburne; Jonathan Milne, Williston; Elizabeth Skarie, Williston; Sandy Steingard, Charlotte; Sarah Tischler, St. George

The CVU Auditorium Fundraising Committee