Letters to the Editor10/16/08

Oct. 16, 2008


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Barnard the smart choice for Senate

This letter is written to encourage voters to seriously consider Denise Barnard for State Senate of Chittenden County. Denise has the skills necessary to do what is right for the people of Richmond, Chittenden County and the state of Vermont. Most importantly, Denise will take the time to listen to people’s concerns and do her best to address the issues. She is not easily swayed by party lines and is not afraid to vote for what she feels is right for the people of Vermont vs. what she is told she should do!

The town of Richmond has been fortunate to have Denise Barnard as a community leader and volunteer in many areas. Her dedication to all the activities she commits to is something we should all strive for.

Denise has an extremely strong commitment to healthcare issues and has been an integral part of women’s health issues in Vermont and countrywide.

Her concern for education that is excellent as well as affordable is something we should all respect and commend her for.

Denise is a wife, mother, sister and local business owner who has spent her life in the community where she grew up. She values the state of Vermont and the people who have made Vermont what it is today. When you walk in the door of her business and see how she interacts with the customers and people who just walk through the door to say hi you realize that she has strong people skills and is a great leader as well.

There are not many candidates who will care for the people, be committed and work hard for the good of the state of Vermont.

We would like to encourage you all to go to her Web site, www.denisebeginsbarnard.com/about.html, to learn more about Denise Barnard.

Chuck and Terry Farr


Vote Republican

On Nov. 4, Williston will be selecting the two individuals who will represent them in the Legislature. In choosing, recall that only by the thinnest of margins did Vermont avoid true single-party rule these last two years with no check on the power of Democrats to unilaterally impose their will. Thus, it is worthwhile to review the Vermont Chamber of Commerce legislative scorecard (www.vtchamber.com) to evaluate how our one incumbent representative, Democrat Jim McCullough, voted on matters affecting Vermont’s economic vitality.

McCullough scored 14 percent on the scorecard. By comparison, all six Progressive Party members of the Legislature scored higher. That is, on 14 votes important to Vermont’s economic climate, McCullough was less business-friendly than every Progressive legislator.

While some folks criticize legislative scorecards, they do provide voters with information that allows us to evaluate candidates beyond the few words in brochures and Observer ads. If a 14 percent rating is in line with your positions, then this should simply reinforce your views. However, for those of us who believe that the sustainability of Vermont’s business community is hanging by a thread, a 14 percent rating by Williston’s incumbent representative is a matter of concern.

Brennan Duffy and Shelley Palmer would be vigilant supporters of efforts to foster economic development, rein in spending, and reduce taxes. They know firsthand the issues confronting working families raising children in Williston because that is what they are both doing right now. Brennan Duffy has also been a small business entrepreneur, and has worked on economic development and business recruitment issues for the state.

There is no danger that Montpelier will lack liberal voices. But it is critically important that, as a commonsense counterbalance, we elect supporters of a responsible business climate to represent the interests of Willistonians and Vermonters. I hope you’ll join me and vote for Brennan Duffy and Shelley Palmer on Nov. 4.

Chris Roy


Pollina best candidate for governor

I’m excited to be supporting Anthony Pollina’s campaign to be Vermont’s next governor. Since Jim Douglas has taken office, Vermont has lost jobs, our waterways have become increasingly polluted, our bridges and roadways are crumbling, family farms are struggling and many Vermonters can’t afford healthcare. If this is his vision for Vermont, he needs a new pair of glasses.

Anthony Pollina does have a vision for Vermont and a proven track record for getting things done as an organizer and advocate for Vermonters. Through 30 years of work with Rural Vermont, The Vermont Democracy Fund and the Vermont Milk Company, a farmer-controlled ice cream yogurt and cheese factory, Anthony has demonstrated that he can help Vermonters organize themselves to bring about positive change. He has exciting ideas for how to generate more money in the state and how to keep more of it in the state, the Vermont Credit Card being just one example.

On the issue of healthcare, Anthony Pollina is the candidate with the clearest message. Instead of tinkering with the current system involving insurance companies that waste up to a third of our healthcare dollars paying administrators to deny us care, Anthony advocates a truly universal healthcare system for the state, funded based on each taxpayer’s ability to pay. Systems like this work well in other countries and could work well here. Imagine being able to take the healthcare issue out of our school budget discussions. Imagine, too, how a universal healthcare system could spur the creation and growth of small businesses in Vermont.

Vermont is a wonderful state and our people are our most valuable resource. To keep our young people in Vermont, we need leadership that can deliver on job creation, not just talk about it. Anthony Pollina is the candidate who can best lead our state to a more prosperous, energy efficient and healthy future.

Elizabeth Skarie


Grateful Little League

The entire Williston 11- and 12-year-old Boys Little League All-Star Team and their families would like to extend a heartfelt and gracious thank you to the numerous families, friends, and group or corporate sponsors throughout Chittenden County for their generous donations in support of the team’s outstanding accomplishments this summer. The team’s success was truly an exhilarating, once in a lifetime experience for all the boys and their families. Knowing how many community members were rallying behind them was incredibly rewarding and inspiring.

We cannot express how fortunate we all feel knowing how many of our friends and community members in Williston and throughout Chittenden County reached out financially to help offset the unexpected expenses we all incurred in Brattleboro for the Vermont State Little League Championship and then in Bristol, Conn. at the New England Regional Little League tournament, where our young players advanced all the way to the semifinal round.

Our sons learned great lessons this summer about teamwork, respect, cooperation, working hard toward their goals, sharing and supporting each other, as well as accepting disappointment with their heads held high. All of you, through your generosity, have taught us all about giving and supporting each other, not only in times of need or sorrow but in times of triumph as well. For this we say thank you.

On behalf of the team, thank you for your support.

The families of #9 Erik Bergkvist, #11 Tommy Fitzgerald, #4 Brendon Gannon, #14 Jeffrey Martin, #10 Davis Mikell, #8 Jamie Pierson, #5 Chris Reiss, #21 Ryan Schneiderman, #3 Peter Scrimgeour, #16 Hayden Smith, #15 Connor Stankevich, #7 Max Whitcomb and coaches Will Mikell and Jeff Smith

Meet Tim Ashe

Running for Chittenden County State Senate is no small task (“Supersize Senate field stumps voters,” Oct. 9). With 60,000 households, 16 towns and cities and 14 candidates, it’s just not possible to reach every voter to share your views.

I’d like to briefly tell you about myself as Election Day nears. I sit on the City of Burlington’s Finance Board, where I helped shape a budget that kept the municipal tax rate level for the third consecutive year. I work for Cathedral Square, a non-profit creator of affordable senior housing in Chittenden County, where I’ve managed projects with a combined budget of more than $17 million. My record of support for the middle class has made me the only Senate candidate to earn the endorsement of Bernie Sanders.

Please check out my Web site, www.timashe.com, to learn more about me and my record. I look forward to working on behalf of Williston residents.

Tim Ashe, Democratic candidate for senate