Letters to the Editor10/09/08

Oct. 9, 2008


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CVU aids Marines

I am publicly thanking the students of the Future Business Leaders of America at Champlain Valley Union High School for supporting my Marines during two consecutive deployments. I first contacted the FBLA in the winter of 2005 and they have since provided unbelievable support to my young Marines—first, while deployed to Al Anbar Province, Iraq from February through September 2006 and now on an extended deployment to Helmand and Farah Provinces, Afghanistan.

During our time in Saqlawiyah, Iraq, the FBLA sent large quantities of packages to my Marines of 3rd Platoon, “Fox” Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines. Shipments were so large that after each arrival my men would ravage the boxes for weeks. Scripting their delivery would not have achieved better effect. They always arrived after extended operations when fatigue was greatest, or when the inevitable ebb and flow of morale was in a trough and needed a lift.

Now in Afghanistan, FBLA’s packages reach my Marines of the Battalion 81mm Mortar Platoon in the remote and austere districts of Delaram, Bakwa, Bala Beluk, Golestan and Now Zad. Because ground travel is difficult due to lack of roads, mail is a once-per-month event. FBLA’s large shipments instantly raise morale when they are delivered to my men, under-slung from helicopters. No other platoon in the Battalion receives support comparable to that provided by the students of the FBLA.

The students of the FBLA will never know the windfalls of their dedication to my men. They have met neither me, nor my Marines, but took my word as a 2001 graduate of CVU at face value and rose to the occasion. Their packages provide my Marines with needed mental relief from day-to-day operations, helping me keep them focused on the task at hand, which means more will come home safely. Thank you for taking care of my young Marines.

Douglas Ferreira

First Lieutenant, U.S. Marine Corps

Now Zad, Afghanistan

Supporting Macaig

When you turn your attention to our local election in November, please consider the fine candidate who is running to represent us in Montpelier, Terry Macaig.

Terry has been our neighbor for 41 years. Our children have grown up together and our families have shared neighborhood activities and joys as well as each other’s sorrows over the years. We know him well!

Terry has had multiple experiences as a leader and chairperson in many areas including Boy Scouts, in his church, our town government and has received prestigious honors and recognition from work-related associations. He is concerned about our town and its future. He is dedicated, honest, hard working, and I know very well you would be making the right choice when you vote for Terry as Williston’s representative.

Terry Macaig and Jim McCullough will make a great team. A team we need in Montpelier!

Carol Burbank


Appraisal questions

Recently, while visiting my niece in Williston I looked at various property cards and realized the assessors hadn’t appraised each property in Brennan Woods in the same manner.

Example: cellars of same dimensions were different values.

Then there’s the meeting of the listers, who never bothered to look at property and stated that the assessors hadn’t viewed at least 60 percent of interiors, so how are some who have more expensive finishes assessed? Well, according to them, at the sale price of the most expensive sales in the neighborhood.

When I pointed out no adjustment was made for square footage, as a regular bank appraisal is adjusted, the assessors stated they didn’t adjust square footage. So if you have a smaller home it’s probably unfairly taxed to a larger home’s sale value.

Never have I heard of a town revaluation that didn’t revalue by entering homes and listing interior as well as exterior improvements. But as the assessor said to me, Vermont isn’t New Hampshire.

Well I’m glad I don’t have this appraiser appraising my taxes on property. I appraised Right of Way for the New Hampshire Department of Transportation as well as having been an appraiser in the New Hampshire Assessors Deparment of Revenue and further have been a real estate broker since 1972.

Harriet E. Cady

Deerfield, N.H.