Letters to the Editor (Aug. 28, 2008)

Aug. 28, 2008

A vote for Ashe

Tim Ashe will get my vote for state senator in the primary on Sept. 9 because of his commitment to support our local agricultural economy. Our current food system suffers from a host of problems — everything from escalating costs to food security issues to agricultural viability. The only real solution to these growing problems is to support local food production wherever possible. Tim gets it.

Molly Stevens



Costs of renewable energy

For a campaign promise to get votes, it must be believable. That means that Americans must believe what they are being promised. Obama said he would “require that 10 percent of our energy comes from renewable sources by the end of my first term — more than double what we have now.”

This promise sounds strangely similar to the goals Green Mountain Power has set for their future. At the current prices for “renewables,” you can expect to pay over 45 cents a kilowatt hour for renewables, as opposed to the 11 cents we are now paying for the combination of hydro, nuclear and other sources. Power costs money and renewables are very expensive and do not generate power at night or when the wind does not blow, so the real price for renewables as a base load source would be closer to 135 cents a kilowatt hour.

If you want electricity prices to increase faster than oil prices have risen, just mandate the use of cost prohibitive means of generating electric power. With prices like that, electric cars could become prohibitively expensive. Is that a good thing?

Shelley Palmer



Beef with the UVM police

It seems the University of Vermont campus police have hired some new recruits, and they seem to be setting up decoys so they can practice and hone their skills on unsuspecting citizens. They were out in numbers Friday night and in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

Their racial profiling aside, they are sinking to an all time low. I understand their need to practice, and even the need to play with the blue flashing lights, but to pull people over for that practice is deplorable.

Formal complaints can be submitted by going to the campus police station and filling out some paperwork.

Kimberly Townsend