Letters to the Editor

Support for Debbie Ingram

I’m writing to urge others to support Debbie Ingram as a candidate for a Senate seat representing Chittenden County. I worked with Debbie for many years as chair of the Williston Planning Commission and found her to be among the most knowledgeable, fair and balanced community servants I’ve ever known. She’ll be a no-nonsense leader on health care, affordable housing and transportation, and a passionate voice for equality on every issue.

She’s tight with budgets because she has extensive experience in the business world. Debbie’s superb education, service on the Williston Selectboard and Planning Commission and years in executive leadership of an important Vermont nonprofit (Vermont Interfaith Action) also make her an effective voice for consensus and balance on contentious issues.

We desperately need more people like Debbie in Montpelier, where she’ll set aside ego and politics and humble even the windiest politicians with her practical and ethical approach to meeting the needs of all Vermonters. She is among the most passionate and effective public servants I’ve seen in Vermont, and we’ll be lucky to have someone with such extraordinary ability and experience represent us in the Senate.

— David Yandell



Support for Ingram and Lyons

The Democratic Party primary on Aug. 28 is fast approaching. We call your attention to Debbie Ingram, an exceptionally qualified candidate from Williston, along with incumbent Ginny Lyons.

Debbie is a Williston Selectboard member who brings great strength to both the board and as a Senate candidate. She is well educated, a business owner and a forward-looking person on health care, housing and transportation, and is supportive of our and other communities.

Jim and I hope you will consider Debbie and Ginny when you vote for Senate candidates.

— Rep. Jim McCullough and Rep. Terry Macaig 



Vote for Ingram

Debbie Ingram is an outstanding candidate for the state Senate. She has served Williston on the Planning Commission and now is a member of the Selectboard, where she works with intelligence, energy, good judgment and a fine sense of the needs of all residents.

As executive director of Vermont Interfaith Action, a 2,000-member organization in Chittenden County and central Vermont, Debbie has become familiar with our state government, as well as many related agencies and organizations.

Debbie has the rare ability to cut through political chatter to the core of an issue and then to express her views with clarity and courage. Her leadership style is collaborative and respectful. She would be a wise and effective member of the Senate.

— Karin Davis



‘Jake Brakes’ unnecessary

This concerns the recent coverage in your paper about the noise annoyance caused by the unnecessary use of truck engine brakes.

As a tractor-trailer driver, I can tell you that engine-compression brakes—often known as “Jake Brakes” for a Mr. Jacobs who designed them —are NOT normally needed and only create annoyances.

It is sad that those who believe that they are truckers feel the need to use these brakes, often using them because they (the alleged truck drivers) like hearing the noise.

In local areas around here, these Jake Brakes are simply something that disturbs neighbors. The Jake Brake is only helpful when driving heavy loads in steep, mountainous territory like out in the far west, in the mountains near California.

— Daniel G. Cohen