Letters to the Editor

Applaud student’s courage

Harking back to the days of Jesus, and more recently the Constitution, free speech is an unalienable right. Perhaps the unanimous decision by the eight-member board “Trinity Baptist School”… Observer, March 22) doesn’t understand that which is written… I applaud Master Oblak’s courage and recommend a good attorney.

Brian M McConnell


Hope Oblak family sues

I was appalled by the article “Trinity Baptist School suspends student for essay.” While I don’t have all the facts, if the tone of the essay is consistent with the excerpt cited in the article, it is hard to believe that in this day and age there could exist an educational institution that is so narrow-minded. I hope the Oblak family sues. Some things are so wrong, you have to have the conviction to fight it.

Pamela Cowan


Dogs off leash

In the spirit of balance in opinion, I want to add my perspective on dogs off leash. I have walked, run, biked, cross-country skied and roller bladed on the rec path since the beginning of the path. I am on the path more days of the year than not. I have yet to see an irresponsible, inconsiderate owner of a dog off leash. I understand a person apprehensive about dogs, especially large ones, is made nervous being approached by a dog off leash, but we should not tether all dogs for a few people’s fears. Dogs ON leashes present risks, as well. Anyone on a bike, or roller blades, approaching the back of a person with a dog on a leash, have feared the dog leash acting like a trip line.

I am thrilled with all the use the rec path gets from an eclectic population. The enjoyment of the path takes on many forms and tolerance is in order.

Sharon Gutwin