Letters to the Editor

Use common sense with your dogs

It is that time of the year that we all enjoy getting outside and the Williston Community Park is a great place to do that. The park was intended for everyone to enjoy. I thank the people that leash their dogs. As for the others, yes, Williston doesn’t have a leash law, but Town records state:

Article III. (e) “At large” shall mean off the premises of the owner and not under control of the owner, a member of the owner’s immediate family, or an agent of the owner by leash, cord, chain or otherwise within the control of such person so at all times the dog may be prevented for causing any damage, disturbance, nuisance or annoyance.  Any dog accompanied by its owner or keeper which is neither threatening to persons, livestock, domestic or wild animals nor causing damage, disturbance, nuisance or annoyance and is in obvious control of or obedient to the commands of its owner or keeper shall not be considered to be at large.

Article V. No person shall permit or cause any dog to go at large within the town of Williston.

So it is a little confusing as to what the town laws are stating. Yes, you can let your dog run loose with you, but IT MUST BE UNDER YOUR COMMANDS. Then it states that no dog shall be at large within the town of Williston?

But common sense, courtesy and respect to others that share the park seems like it is missing. I walk the park every day and it totally amazes me the people that forget that the park was built for everyone. Walkers and runners do not want dogs chasing them, bike riders (like myself) don’t know which way a dog is going when he is loose. After my knee replacement, I walked at the park for physical therapy and I lost count of how many dogs almost bowled me over because they were running loose. I was using a cane and these owners were clueless.

Would you walk on the sidewalks around town and let your dog run loose? I do not believe you would put your dog in harm’s way. Personally, I do not care if you let your dog run loose. What I do care about is being respectful to others who share the park.

Maybe Williston should think about opening a “dog park” like they have in Burlington…something to think about. In the meantime, use just a little common sense.

Pamela Boutin-Adams



Thanks for CVU trip

Our daughters just returned from an amazing CVU trip to a coffee farm in the Dominican Republic, and we’d like to share our gratitude for such an incredible student opportunity. Thanks go to the teachers, Seth Jensen and Meredith Visco, for having the vision and gumption to organize such an adventure, and the willingness to leave their own families to give our students this experience; to the administration and School Board, for their support of international student trips, so important in this time of globalization; and to the voters in the CVU district, for the support of budgets that continue to keep CVU programming so strong.

Why was this trip so special? The students were fully immersed and integrated into the daily life of Los Marranitos, a small coffee farming community tucked high in the hills.  Living in cabins with intermittent electricity and no hot water, hiking miles up and down the steep hillside every day to work with the children in school or share afternoon coffee with families, dance, play volleyball, or learn to cook and sew, the group experienced a life vastly different from theirs in Vermont. Speaking only Spanish on the trip, they also learned about coffee production, from beginning to end. They brought along many extra suitcases stuffed with clothing and school supplies donated by the generous Williston Central and CVU communities. It’s difficult to capture in words the powerful impact this trip had on the students and teachers, but we are grateful our children could take advantage of such a fabulous cultural service trip. Thank you CVU!

Betsy & Victor Forrester and Becca & Adam Weiss



Praise for CVU    Nordic team

I wanted to share a brief story about a small team of CVU Nordic skiers who participated in this year’s Nordic Relay for Life on a recent Saturday evening at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe. The team consisted of Emma Slater, the team captain, Colin Snyder, Will Kay, Emily Ahern, Rachel Baginski, Lauren Kelley, Natalie Puma, David Daly, Louis St. Pierre, Addie Zinner, Alexandra Spicer and Brianna Hake. The CVU team was one of several youth teams skiing through the night for this worthwhile cause. The CVU team also took the award for top youth fundraising team, raising almost $1,900 for the American Cancer Society.

Lisa Foley



Bus service inadequate

As a supporter of the “People’s Budget” campaign, I would like to give my testimony concerning the inadequacy of bus service and the way that public transportation is funded.

I rely solely on public transportation for all my needs. I work for the Visiting Nurse Association as a caregiver and I have clients who live in Burlington and Williston. I work on Sunday and there is no bus service from Essex, Winooski or Shelburne. As the old adage goes, “you can’t get there from here.” The only way that I can get to them is by taxi, which can cost me anywhere from $12.50 to $16 one way.

As the population grows, this lack of transportation affects the choices one makes concerning where to live, opportunities for jobs and even the inability to attend recreational and cultural events. I’ve talked with other people in my community, and many of my neighbors feel very passionately about public transportation and about our right to freedom of movement.

Beth Abustan

Essex Junction