Letters to the Editor

March 1, 2012


Change of WCS math class structure needed

I am a Boy Scout from the Williston troop (No. 692). I am writing about the falling academic scores of the Williston students. I think that in the Williston Central School, sometimes the classes seem to be too mixed with varied levels of proficiency in math. I remember when I was in middle school two years ago, that I was one of the better math students in my class and I found it very slow paced. I think it could have been the opposite for some people who had trouble with math — it may have even been too fast for them. I think that greater splitting of the math classes into more advanced classes and not as advanced would give the ability to take the time on the content for those who have trouble and accelerate it for those that don’t.

Patrick Sheedy



Goodbye from St. George Town Clerk

As I leave the office of town clerk and treasurer for the Town of St George after six years, I want to thank and acknowledge the town’s residents. I have learned something from each of you and it has been a pleasure serving you. Thank you for electing me to two terms, and affording me the unique opportunity to experience our democratic process and the key role that the town clerk plays. It has been a privilege to be a part of our beautiful, sometimes messy, democracy. Each of us — the custodians of that democracy — owes a debt of gratitude to those who elected us.

I also wish to thank the town’s board members and appointed officers who work behind the scenes and do a remarkable job. Please remember that they are your neighbors who serve the town by attending evening meetings after a full day of work and/or family obligations that may be difficult and challenging.

Thank you to my predecessor of 41 years, Shirley Vaux, for leaving me with town records in good order and best wishes to my successor to be elected at next week’s town meeting. It’s a wonderful job. I will miss it and all of you.

Barbara Young

Town clerk/treasurer

Town of St. George