Letters to the Editor

Feb. 23, 2012


School bus driver complaint

This morning (Friday, Feb. 17), I was told I would have to hang around Williston Central School for 20 or more minutes with my school bus because, if the buses leave after dropping off their students, we would cause traffic problems.

Really? That’s less than 10 buses among hundreds of parents in cars dropping off their children at the same location — what an inconvenience for the parents who can’t get their children out of bed in time to catch the school buses that pass their front doors. Wake up parents. You complain about things that you have the power to control. Stop blaming others when you can make easy adjustments to solve your problem. Maybe I should adjust and drop off the students at WCS first and continue to Allen Brook School. But then again, we would have the parents driving to Allen Brook complaining about the buses causing traffic problems there.

Glenn Enos

Substitute bus driver


Support the school budget

Please support the Williston School District and vote yes on its 2012-2013 budget. The $16,621,868 budget represents a modest 1.95 percent increase, while continuing to provide sufficient funding to maintain the quality education that our community expects.

The School Board and administration worked hard in the face of a number of budgetary challenges. Many of the expenses driving the school budget are increasing beyond our control. There are fixed increases in labor costs, higher insurance premiums, and rising heating fuel and utility expenses. Meanwhile, federal grants that provide essential funding for instructional support in the areas of literacy and math were eliminated. Grant funding for beneficial programs such as CY mentoring were also cut.

Despite these challenges, the school budget maintains critical instructional supports and programming for literacy and math previously funded with federal grants. Other critical programs, such as summer school and CY mentoring, will continue.

The school board was also mindful of the difficult economic environment that our community is facing. It asked for and received thoughtful cuts from the administration while maintaining critical programming. These cuts included the reduction of a classroom teacher, administrative staffing changes and the postponement of carpet replacement.

We are fortunate to have a school district that is focused on providing an excellent education for our community’s children. Teachers are dedicated, well trained, and effective in helping kids reach their full potential. Administrators have created a positive school climate to foster learning and growth for every student. And, one cannot say enough about the engaged parents and community members that support our schools.

With your support for the FY2013 school budget, we can maintain the quality education our community expects, which is an investment in our children and our future.

The Williston School Board:

Joshua Diamond, Kevin Mara, Giovanna Boggero, Deborah Baker-Moody and Holly Rouelle