Letters to the Editor

July 29, 2010


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No more lights at Lamplite

I live in Lamplite Acres. As I sat in my house on July 22, the calm quiet was disrupted by a truck back-up alarm. I went to see what was going on and several men from Green Mountain Power were standing around the lamplight on my front yard and one of the men in the power box shutting off the power to that light. I spoke with them and they told me the town of Williston was having numerous lights removed. They were as surprised as I that I had not been notified.

I then contacted the town manager, who told me that this was a budget decision to save monies. I questioned the decision to remove the streetlight. His first response was there is nothing that can be done to stop it. He had received calls and the callers were split 50/50 regarding the removal.

The town has failed the residents. They should have notified the residences that were going to have the lights removed. Once the decision (one that is a safety issue) was made to remove the lights, they should have contacted each resident by mail and got their input on how they feel regarding the streetlight on their property. Then maybe the property owners could have made the decision whether to remove the lights. Those of us who liked it and wanted it would still have it. The 50/50 numbers might have turned out more positive if they had included the property owners.

I am stunned the town would remove lamplights from Lamplite Acres. The residents of this community are constantly walking in this area, and the “Lamplites” added a bit of security for those that have to walk their animals in the evenings. Now, one of the focal points of the neighborhood and my property is gone.

Ron Bliss, Williston

Durham announces assistant judge candidacy

As Chittenden County court officer for the last 13 years in both the District and Family courts, and as a previously longtime deputy sheriff in Pennsylvania, I am uniquely qualified for the post of assistant judge.

I am the proud single father of Kacie, a senior at South Burlington High School. I understand the challenges and strains that family members experience during divorce or other family court actions and how devastating it can be for the children involved.

My courtroom experience with a variety of cases has provided me with an objective perspective and I am committed to serve all people who come before the court, whether represented by an attorney or not. In small claims court, I will bring my commonsense approach to decisions that are rendered. I also look forward to performing any other duties assigned by the judicial bureau.

I welcome the opportunity to work closely with Sheriff Kevin McLaughlin in the creation of a budget that is equitable for all concerned. I also will enjoy working with the wonderful people who serve the sheriff as deputies and office personnel, many of whose valuable services often go unnoticed by the general public.

In addition to my professional activities, I have engaged in community volunteer endeavors in a number of different organizations throughout the years.

It would be my pleasure to serve the residents of Chittenden County as assistant judge.

Richard Durham, South Burlington