Letters to the Editor (5/21/09)

May 21, 2009

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!

It may not be perfect, but if it works, leave it alone.

I came away from Monday night’s meeting on May 11 disappointed with the presentation of information regarding a roundabout for the village. I felt I was given statistics on a national level to persuade me we need a roundabout. I think statistics can be misleading and not fit in everywhere.

I also felt like there was not enough evidence presented that we have a dangerous intersection. I was pleased to hear a fire department member’s report that it was clear we have had few serious accidents in the last few years. Something like four fender benders and one with a person injured. They occurred during non-busy traffic hours.

I don’t understand paying millions of dollars to build a roundabout for heavy traffic that occurs one hour a day for five days a week, or maybe a little more, when our present four-way stop is working so well.

I was also very pleased to hear a former selectman remind us of the work and thousands, if not millions, of dollars that went into planning for the Circ Highway that would have relieved wear and tear on our local roads and redirected traffic away from our village center. Let’s not repeat this situation.

It was evident from the future steps needed in the planning process that it could easily cost millions of dollars — another Circ Highway situation — even though we are told it will cost just over a million dollars to build.

Ginger Isham


Grateful friends

We in the Williston School District want to express our most sincere thanks to everyone who helped create last Saturday’s celebration of Al Myers’ life.

Many volunteers worked on tasks, from ushering to arranging overflow parking and directing traffic. The technical challenges of closed circuit TV and audio running in two different directions were great, and we couldn’t have done it without all the expert assistance we received. Moreover, support came not only from individuals, but from businesses across Chittenden County, all of whom had some connection with Al.

Of course, the centerpieces were the marvelous speakers and performances ranging from solo piano through bagpipe to choruses that filled the stage with people and song. All drew on their experience with Al. Their words and art brought tears to many eyes.

It was truly a team effort, and together we created a worthy tribute to our friend, Al Myers. Thank you again.

Rick McCraw and Richard Allen

Williston School District