Letters to the Editor (5/20/10)

May 20, 2010


Bring Pickleball to Williston

I notice in reading about the new recreation area planned for the Allen Brook area (“Board approves recreation park,” May 13) that tennis courts are a future consideration. I wonder if the Recreation Committee has determined if there is a real need for this investment. My observation of tennis courts in every municipality is that they are an underutilized facility. Do we really need them and are there alternatives?

Essex is currently introducing Pickleball in their recreation program and this makes sense for many reasons. For one, Pickleball can be played within a wide age range, from 8 to 80. Also, the skill level required is not as great as tennis, and doubles is a very common Pickleball game. It was introduced in Seattle, and many northern tier states such as Michigan and upstate New York have active Pickleball programs. Building separate Pickleball courts from tennis courts makes sense because the configurations are different and more Pickleball courts can be fit into the same area as tennis courts.

If we have sufficient tennis courts, I suggest we give a serious look to introducing Pickleball in Williston. It is definitely a growing sport.

Jerry Huetz, Williston


Nero fiddled

Financial intervention (more debt) isn’t the solution. It is about numbers. The welfare states of Europe cannot sustain their finances. As their financial world contracts the imbalance increases exponentially as does ours. A carefully balanced system that props up French farmers and the British medical system (the world’s third largest employer after the Chinese army and the Indian rail system) will soon be gone. The unions refuse to permit cutting wages and people are still retiring at age 53 in Greece.

What will step in to fill this void? It isn’t going to be the Americans this time. We are broke and living on unbacked securities. Besides, we are in the process of shutting down our energy and transportation sectors, which will make producing enough food to feed ourselves rather difficult.

The United States has more oil in the ground than the Middle East does. The Bakken formation in the Williston Basin located in Montana, North Dakota and parts of southern Canada has been recently upgraded by the U.S. Geological Survey to contain as much as 500 billion barrels of recoverable light sweet crude due to advances in drilling technologies. Why do we direct our attention to failed offshore drilling when we know where our energy future lies? Why send $700 billion overseas yearly when we can meet our own energy needs, right here, right now? Current research shows another 2 trillion barrels of oil 1,000 feet below the Rocky Mountains. Drill or doodle?

Shelley Palmer, Williston


Safety needed at Tower Lane and U.S. 2

We haven’t lived here very long, but it is impossible to get out of Tower Lane in the a.m. and also early evening. Those are the worse times.

I heard there have been many, many accidents, thankfully no deaths but that will happen.

Can we take care of this before any tragedy happens?

Just a four-way stop would help.

Please and thank you.

Marilyn Luchini, Williston