Letters to the Editor

Aug. 11, 2011


Kindness appreciated


Stephen and I wish to extend our sincerest thanks for the kindness and generosity we have experienced since his accident. The latest expression of care and concern culminated July 23rd with the Oneida Acres Garage Sale to benefit us (“Oneida Acres hosting garage sale to benefit accident victim,” July 21, 2011).

The time, energy, good thoughts and gifts were overwhelming. So many people worked so hard on our behalf and so many people took time out of their lives to open their hearts for us. Our core belief in the good of all has only grown larger through this effort. To Fran Henning and all who participated, thank you for all your efforts. Please know that the money raised will make our daily lives easier and our hearts lighter.


— Stephen & Annie St. Peter

Litchfield, N.H.


Editor’s Note: Stephen St. Peter is a former Williston resident.