Letters to the Editor (4/30/09)

April 30, 2009

Remembering Al Myers

We can say all we want, throw as many superlatives as we can hurl in his general direction (to paraphrase “Monty Python”), but it all doesn’t quite begin to both capture what Al Myers meant to this community or what we’ve lost. There’s a large, gaping wound over at Williston Central School and profound pain can be felt far beyond the confines of our small state.

The cast and crew of “The Wizard of Oz” have an incredibly emotional and physically demanding task in front of them. The curtain will rise Friday night and fall one last time the following evening. Many teachers, parents, former students and an arsenal of Al’s close friends are working incredibly hard to make this the production he envisioned. The students are keenly aware of the gravity of the task before them and Mr. Myers would be the first to remind them, as Glinda reveals to Dorothy at the end of her journey in Oz, “You don’t need to be helped any longer, you’ve always had the power!”

Thank you, Al Myers, for giving such a gift to our children.

Sara Dunphy



Successful first season

We’d like to thank the Williston community for making the inaugural season of The Brick Church Music Series a success. With seven concerts, the series raised almost $6,000 for local nonprofit and charitable organizations including the Williston Food Shelf, Catamount Outdoor Family Center, Essex Children’s Choir, Big Heavy World, CY Mentoring, Vermont Youth Orchestra Association and the Rotary’s Polio Plus program.

Equally important, the series met and surpassed the goals laid out in our mission statement, which included “… to promote community interaction by bringing a variety of musical performances to Williston at an affordable price.”

The credit for this success goes to two groups: First, to the Williston business community, which was extraordinarily generous in supporting the series in difficult economic times; and second, to the musicians, volunteers and especially to our patrons, who came out in good weather and bad to enjoy the music and mingle with their neighbors.

Our sponsors include numerous businesses and individual donors: the Town of Williston; the band Rumble Doll; Neil Boyden; Elizabeth Skarie; Cathy Yandell; and, last but not least, the Williston Observer. We’d also like to thank the Brick Church Trustees, whose warm and open-minded response to our original proposal made the music series possible.

Due to the positive feedback we’ve had, we hope to run the series again next fall and winter, starting in September or October. Stay tuned, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to suggest bands, opening acts, artists, community host groups or have an idea you’d like to see become part of the series in the future.

Thank you once again to all who participated and helped to make the Brick Church Music Series a success!

Peter Engisch, Rick McGuire, Don Sheldon, Dave Yandell

Brick Church Music Series organizers