Letters to the Editor (4/29/10)

April 29, 2010


Drama program says thanks

On behalf of the Williston School drama program, I want to express our deepest thanks to the good people of the Brick Church Music Series for their recent donation in memory of Al Myers. Their contribution will go to improving our theater in order to continue Al’s mission of bringing a high quality drama experience to students and adults alike. We are honored to have been a beneficiary of the concert series.

Special thanks go to Peter Engisch, David Yandell, Rick McGuire and Don Sheldon for their work in organizing the Brick Church Music Series. They put in a lot of work to offer these performances, and both the town and causes like ours benefit greatly from their effort.

Rick McCraw, Williston School drama program


Help Haiti with sight

My name is Aleksandra Stamper and I am an eighth grader at Williston Central School. In order to graduate, every eighth grader is required to conduct a yearlong research project involving a community organization.

I chose to do my project on visual impairment. I am interested in this topic because I do not have 20-20 vision and wear contacts. I also have a cousin who is legally blind.

My optometrist is traveling to Haiti and needs 2,000 pairs of used glasses. I am helping to collect those glasses. From May 1-15, there will be collection boxes at the front desk at Dorothy Alling Memorial Library and Williston Central School. Please donate your used glasses and give someone the gift of sight!

Aleksandra Stamper, Williston


Think about donating

I am writing in response to your headline article “Waiting for the gift of life” in the April 22 edition.

I, too, have a kidney disease, which is chronic and causes progressively worsening symptoms of kidney function. I am grateful to the Yakubik family for coming forward to bring to light life with a debilitating disease. I am presently on the transplantation waiting list for a good kidney match, and appreciate this issue being brought to public attention.

Hopefully articles such as this one will encourage folks to come forward with the blessing of a donation not only for a specific person they know and care about, but also for the principle itself. Living donations are the optimal choice; deceased donations are incredibly important as well.

I wish Matthew good fortune while preparing for transplantation, as well as others in this situation.

Ellie Campbell, Williston


Leiberman/Warner Climate Security Act of 2007

It is still working its way through Washington. Here are some highlights:

Sen. Inhofe, R-Okla. led the Senate opposition to the bill, claiming, “The vast majority of scientists do not believe that anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions are a major contributor to climate change” and called it “the largest tax increase in the history of America.”

Sen. Enzi, R-Wyo. said, “I am an environmentalist” but opposed the bill and urged people to “visualize” their electricity bill being 50 percent higher the first year the bill goes into effect.

Sen. Bennet, R-Utah claimed the bill would more than double electricity prices in the first year and quoted a California scientist who apparently said, “We are moving to irrational panic on climate change.”

Sen. Thune, R-S.D. said the bill “could bankrupt U.S. air carriers,” which have already been crippled by high oil prices and argued it would add $5 to $10 billion to the U.S. aviation fuel bill.

Sen. Cochran, R-Miss. said the bill would be “especially harmful to lower-income families.”

Sen. Chambliss, R-Ga. cited a University of Georgia study he claimed that showed temperatures have dropped in the last century, and said, “This bill will attack citizens at the pump” and “increase job losses.”

Sen. Sessions, R-Ala. said the bill was a “… complex and sneaky cap and trade tax system” that “will raise taxes, will raise substantially energy costs and gasoline prices, will cause worker layoffs and hurt our economy, and leave us less competitive in the world marketplace.” Thus, the bill “just the opposite of what the American people (our dutiful citizens who send us here) would expect us to be doing.”

S.219 is hard to read. They keep changing the monster bill before you can finish reading it. Where have I seen this before?

Shelley Palmer, Williston


‘Delicious’ senior luncheon

The Williston Seniors would like to thank Chef Scott Wagner of Williston Central School for the delicious luncheon he prepared for our April meeting. What a wonderful meal it was.

Donna Hoyt, president, Williston Seniors