Letters to the Editor

Rethink apartment building

I was shocked to read the article in the Sept.13 Observer entitled, “DRB endorses 31-unit apartment building.”

I could not attend the meeting on Aug. 28, but assumed, wrongly as it turns out, that the proposal didn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell. Quite apart from all of the negatives already cited, this massive three story building would be quite out of place with surroundings consisting of small one story commercial structures and two story residential units. And, unless some of the existing parking is used, I just don’t see how it fits in.

Many years ago, I briefly studied land use planning to better understand the zoning and development issues I had to deal with as counsel when involved with retail development. The only principle I see in this case is “anything goes” for the almighty dollar.

And a further point, does anyone notice how traffic on 2A continues to get worse and worse with all of the development in the area? This apartment building would be one more negative for 2A. Will regional government ever wake up and go for the “Circ?”

I moved into Chelsea Commons some 14 years ago. I never expected it to remain an island of relative tranquility. On the other hand, neither did I expect development to reach the heights it is now attaining. A landowner is certainly entitled to develop, but within reason. This three story apartment building proposal is one step too far. Williston needs to rethink its position on this one.

Dan Lamorey, Williston

Where’s the volleyball coverage?

As a new member of the Williston community, I love this publication and am so pleased to be informed about all the things happening in this neck of the woods. I am very disappointed, however, with the lack of inclusion of volleyball news in the sports section of the paper in the most recent publication. Every single picture in the most recent edition showcases soccer (all eight!) and, while there is a mention of Boys volleyball, there is no reference to the CVU Girls Varsity and Junior Varsity teams. Both of those teams have been playing exceptional volleyball – and this is coming from the coach of a competing volleyball team!

The girls on my team mention bullying with regards to a pre-conceived hierarchy of sports in Vermont, across all schools. Given that VT has historically been a very soccer-centric state, some athletes are bullied for participating in “inferior” fall sports, like volleyball. I am sad to say that this edition of the Observer perpetuates that erroneous mentality. I pride myself on moving to a progressive town and I hope that you will consider the damage caused to the confidence of young athletes in the state that are brave enough to branch out and try different sports. Soccer is wonderful and sports in general are a great way for young adults to prepare themselves for the world and learn new skills. As a community, we need to work together to enforce that healthy competitive mentality for the kids involved, regardless of the sport!

Kanika Krista Gandhi,


Thank you for voicing your concern. We will continue to do our best to cover all sports. Please see volleyball coverage on page 15.