Letters to the Editor

Parenting as a priority

I am writing in response to the letter in last week’s edition titled “Daycare can’t replace parenthood.”

I am so happy someone with some common sense wrote the truth. I think that the problems with our youth are a direct cause of a lack of parenting and parents not being present in the lives of their children.

I grew up with a mom at home running the household — no small task. It was nice to know there was someone there for me as I grew up. I am a better person for it. Unfortunately, the economy and the poor choices of individuals and society have made it more difficult for a parent to stay home. However, it can be done.

You have to look at parenting as a priority and be willing to sacrifice for the wellness of your family.

Cathy Bascome


Disrespect and lawlessness at the top

Add me to the growing list of people concerned about the current presidential administration and the Congress. I fear, not for political reasons — though I have Republican tendencies — and not for competence reasons — though it is obvious that the president lacks the competency to do the job — but rather for reasons of lawlessness in general and for the disrespect being perpetuated by Donald Trump and the people who associate with him.

How ironic is it that the president is said to be bothered by bad headlines about “his people” like spending too much money for trips, etc., he who is the beneficiary (unlike any president in modern history or likely ever) of hundreds of thousands of dollars (it will be millions before his term is over) of taxpayer money to his personal pocket via his golf courses, his summer/winter/weekend home at Mar-a-lago, Trump Tower, the former postal building in Washington and the like. The membership fee at his Maryland golf course doubled when he became president.

The “one-liners” and tossing away the prepared speeches are just cute and make headlines and elicit passion from supporters, but they fall far short of the depth of thought and information that it takes to run this country. Life is just not as simple as the president would have voters believe; it just isn’t. Life is darned inconvenient, that’s what it is.

It is the lawlessness and disrespect that bother and worry me the most. I know we have lived through bad times and bad people before in this country, but not in modern times or if ever has presidential “leadership” been so corrupt and lacking in morals. And my reference is not to Stormy Daniels, though shame on Donald Trump.

The Republicans are unbelievably silent on the administration — a clear failure of leadership on their part. It is revulsive to me that to speak thoughts contrary to the president’s elicits vengeance from him — tool No. 1 in his tool box of getting his own way, always winning and dismissing the value of people who do not agree with him.

He is well on his way to surrounding himself with people like himself — dishonest, self-serving, lacking in morals and lacking in respect for others. The voting box is tool No. 1 in the citizens’ arsenal.

Claire Duke