Letters to the Editor

Supporting herbicide for milfoil control in Lake Iroquois

 I have lived on Lake Iroquois for 47 years, and over nearly the last decade I have seen the value of the lake plummet. The milfoil infestation was so bad last year that there was only a fraction of the boats and swimmers as in prior years.

I am a SCUBA diver and can tell you that it is like a densely-infested forest below the surface. I have seen canoes get stuck in the jungle of milfoil. I have harvested mounds of milfoil by the roots for many years, as have my kids and grandkids when they visit.

Last summer’s diver assisted suction harvesting was only effective in a small area for a large price. I know from personal experience how difficult it is to pull milfoil by the roots, bag it and get it from the lake.

I have attended meetings of the Lake Iroquois Association, although I am not a member of the board. The association’s proposal to add safely tested chemicals in carefully monitored quantities under the guidance of the state would be harmless and extremely beneficial.

The recommendation to use the herbicide Sonar (fluridone) in a very low concentration, as it is done in other lakes in Vermont, is safe as documented in many studies.

I was very happy to donate to the project because I know that clearer water will improve swimming, boating, sailing, water-skiing and fishing for everyone who visits the lake.

Steve Reiman,