Letters to the Editor

Taxpayer questions for Planned Parenthood

Since Planned Parenthood was able to raise and spend $450,000 to influence the outcome of the 2016 election, why should they receive an additional $65,000 in taxpayer funds in the Budget Adjustment Act?

Why should Vermont’s federal and state family planning grants be distributed exclusively to Planned Parenthood and not to the full range of providers? Wouldn’t it be wiser to invest in health care providers that can meet the long-term needs of their patients? Are abortions at Planned Parenthood performed by physicians? If not, why not?

Is a decision to have an abortion at Planned Parenthood ever arrived at through a discussion “between a woman and her doctor?” How common is it for a Planned Parenthood abortion provider to have had any prior provider-patient relationship with a specific abortion patient?

Does Planned Parenthood of Northern New England offer real alternatives to abortion in their facilities, such as prenatal care, maternity care or adoption services? If not, do they document how many referrals they make for these services?

How does Planned Parenthood assess whether the adult who accompanies a minor for an abortion is her parent or a man posing as her father who is attempting to cover up a crime under Title 18?

Does Planned Parenthood keep accurate medical records of the young girls and women they treat? If so, how long do they keep their medical files before disposing of them? Does PPNNE routinely transfer patient health records to and from primary care providers to ensure comprehensive care?

How does Planned Parenthood communicate with a minor for follow-up care when her parents do not know that she has had an abortion?

What does Planned Parenthood do to help a minor who may experience complications following an abortion?

Why is the current PPNNE CEO’s compensation 21 percent less than the man she replaced?

Sharon F. Toborg
Treasurer, Vt. Right to Life, Barre

Thank you and a recommendation

I wholeheartedly thank the residents of Williston for supporting me as a member of the Selectboard for the last six years. It has been my privilege to serve the town in this way. I have decided not to run for re-election at Town Meeting Day this year, however; with my new role as one of the state senators from Chittenden County, my job as the director of a statewide non-profit, and my service on a couple of other boards, I find I simply have too many time commitments to do justice to the important work of the Selectboard. I am pleased to be able to recommend candidate David Cranmer for my seat. David has been serving on the Brick Church Music Series Committee and recently retired from the American Cancer Society after 10 years managing the state cancer coalition, a grant-funded position through the Vermont Department of Health. He has also served in numerous volunteer capacities in Shelburne and Bennington. I hope you will show David as much support as you have shown me throughout the years, and urge you to vote for him on Tuesday, March 7.

Sen.Debbie Ingram,

Endorsing Cranmer
for Selectboard

I am writing in support of the candidacy of David Cranmer for Selectboard in Williston.

I have known David throughout the past year when he was asked to join the group of six Williston residents who organize and put on the Brick Church Music Series. I work with him in this capacity.

David has a strong record of involvement in the places he has lived. He held numerous positions in his previous hometown of Shelburne. In his two years of living in Williston, he has already gained the confidence of a growing number of Willistonians. He quietly but eagerly seeks out places where he can be of service to the community.

And David is a “community builder.” I believe that he sees this as his retirement vocation. This is his only cause and reason for running for Selectboard; to be of service to his community. He has no agenda, no political angle, no sacred cause. He just wants to be of service.

The gifts that he brings to the table are his genuine sincerity, his quiet demeanor and his desire to help people make decisions that will benefit the community. In this era of almost irreparable divisiveness, it is refreshing to find someone who is ready to come to the table to listen, to ask questions and to bring people together. What a novel idea! What a scarce commodity in this age of political rancor!

Williston needs to embrace the thoughtful leadership that David Cranmer would bring to the Selectboard. I have lived in or near Williston for the past 40 some years, and I am convinced that David is the person that we need to elect. I strongly endorse his candidacy.

Bob Pasco,