Letters to the Editor

Thanking CY mentors

What could be better than to have a friend who shows up in your life every week: excited to see you, ready to follow your lead, with no agenda but to give you their full attention. What a rare and pure form of generosity. If only we all had someone like that in our lives!

January is National Mentoring Month. Please join me in thanking the 58 devoted volunteers from our community who meet with their middle-school mentees each week and quietly bring to their mentoring relationships the qualities, wisdom and perspective that each of us needs to thrive. Our Williston CY Mentors are listed below by years of service.

While the minimum commitment of a mentor is one school year, the average tenure of CY Mentors at WCS is over five years. Between them, our mentors this year will have given 317 years of service to making life better for our children.

Nancy Carlson
Connecting Youth Mentoring Coordinator,
Williston Central School

What’s up —
legislative notes

From time to time, Speakers of the House have realigned the various committees. This year, Speaker Mitzie Johnson has made several impactful adjustments.

Natural Resources and Energy has been repurposed as House Energy and Technology — charged with all matters of energy production, transmission, efficiency, and pricing. The technology charge regulates all telecommunications facilities and service, rates and quality of service including broadband, cellular and landline. The charge also includes the State’s information technology systems.

My committee of the past 10 years, House Fish, Wildlife and Water Resources has been repurposed as well. Our new name is Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife. We have all the same environmental charges as before, with the addition of conservation and development of lands, land resources and land use, geology, environmental permitting, air quality, climate change, scenery, solid waste and toxic substances management. These charges to my committee moved from the Natural Resources Committee, where I served prior to my previous/current assignment. I feel very fortunate to continue my service in the “natural world arena!”

Additional committee realignments can be found in House Resolution; H.R.4.

State Representative
Jim McCullough, Williston