Letters to the Editor

Deadly bunny
a clever reference

I am writing in defense of Killer Rabbit Comics. I read the letter objecting to the name of the new comic book store at Taft Corners, Killer Rabbit Comics, and felt a need to respond. I can understand that the writer was put off by a store name with the word “killer” in it. But the name was intended as a humorous reference to the popular movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” The Killer Rabbit was a character in the movie. Pop culture fans who get the reference will find the name funny because rabbits don’t actually kill anyone.

I certainly agree that too many people are killed in our society (although none of them are killed by rabbits) and that traditional family values may be decaying today, but I don’t think you can blame this on the local comic book shop.

In fact, the most visible comic book characters today are the superheroes, like Superman and Spiderman, who personify the preservation of family values – community, mutual support, tolerance and respect for law and justice.

Calling for demonstrations and a national organization to protest the name seems like an overreaction. The store owners should have the right to give their store any name they think will be catchy or memorable and comic book fans (who also tend to be pop culture fans) will have no trouble remembering this name.

Rick Brownell,

Reconfigure the Electoral College

The debate has started again as to whether the U.S. Constitution should be amended in order to change the presidential election process. Some promote eliminating the Electoral College in favor of a direct popular vote for president, while others believe the Electoral College should remain unchanged. Just as compromise solved the initial problems of the framers, so it is that compromise can solve this problem.

The solution is to change the electoral votes to electoral points, and reward each candidate a percentage of points based on the percentage of popular votes received in each state.

This would eliminate the “winner take all” system, thus allowing for all the votes to count. A voter is more apt to believe their vote counted when a percentage of popular votes are taken into account rather than the “all or nothing” system currently in existence. Further, this new system would integrate the desire for a popular vote for president with the need for the individual states to determine who actually gets elected.

As for political primaries, the number of delegates awarded in each state should be determined by the percentage of votes won by each candidate.

For 2016, multiplying the percentage of votes each candidate received (in each state) times the number of electoral votes (in each state) results in the following: Clinton 256.985 and Trump 253.482.

Joe Bialek,
Cleveland, OH

A season to be grateful: Community Tree Lighting

I am grateful that I live in a community that chooses to come together during the holiday season to be together.

I am grateful that when I was asked to inherit this event, that I had a dear friend, Mary Jo DuBois, who was willing to say yes and join me as co-chair.

I am grateful to the many businesses that said yes when we called and asked for donations.I am grateful to SD Ireland for joining us to share their spectacular holiday truck.

I am grateful for our partnership with the Williston Food Shelf and that, as a community, we collected 65 pounds of food.

I am grateful for Girl Scout Troop 30921 for making over 100 ornaments to decorate our tree.

I am grateful for the many Girl Scouts who brought treats to share with the community and their voices to share with us in the countdown and caroling.

I am grateful to Ms. TH and the Varietones for sharing their talents and leading us in carols.

And finally, I am grateful to Jason, Mike, Jackson, Aidan, Connor, Lauren and Madelyn for waking up early on Sunday morning and helping us decorate the gazebo to share with over 150 members of our community.

Nicole Morris,