Letters to the Editor

We Need
Healthcare Reform

My names Joy Limoge and I am running for House Representative. One of the reasons I am running is because of my concerns over healthcare.

For the last six years, Vermont has tried and failed to lower health care costs.

Instead of focusing on how to provide consumers more affordable health insurance options the focus has been on forcing hospitals and doctor practices to lower costs (magically or by rationing care). I believe the better option would be to improve competition and choice in the marketplace as well as price transparency. I believe consumers have the right to be informed customers on the cost of non-emergency medical procedures and they should be able to shop around for the best options.

So my solution for lowering insurance cost would be to allow Vermonters to purchase insurance of their choice across state lines. Bringing new insurance options into the marketplace and creating competition in the health insurance market. I would also eliminate the mandate that Vermonters are required to buy health insurance through Vermont Health Connect.

In addition, I would also pass comprehensive Tort Reform. This would bring doctors to Vermont and help to solve the physician shortage. Other states that have passed Tort Reform have seen a significant boost to their economy. This would not only lower healthcare costs, but I believe it would also help to lower insurance costs. As a result, Vermonters could purchase health insurance that they can afford and afford to use.

These are two solutions I will work to pass when elected to the Vermont Legislature. I ask for your support and your vote on November 8.

Joy Limoge

Support Macaig and McCullough for Vermont House

In these trying times, we need experienced leadership representing the residents of Williston at the Vermont State House. So, I urge your support in re-electing Terry Macaig and Jim McCullough to the Vermont House of Representatives.

Both our representatives have a proven record of leadership in promoting economic growth and helping working Vermonters. Yet, at the same time, they both understand that protecting the environment sustains the quality of life necessary to entice businesses and entrepreneurs to settle here in Vermont and create good jobs.

During the last biennium, Terry Macaig and Jim McCullough passed legislation to support working Vermonters with paid sick leave, growing jobs through support of renewable energy and net metering, and protecting the environment to reduce phosphorous pollution in Lake Champlain.

Jim McCullough and Terry Macaig have distinguished records of public service to the town of Williston and the state of Vermont through their participation on numerous town boards and charitable organizations. Let’s return Terry Macaig and Jim McCullough to the Vermont House of Representatives.

Joshua Diamond