Letters to the Editor

Are our senior citizens forgotten?

There is a need in Williston that we are trying to address; a Williston Senior Center. Surrounding towns such as Winooski, Essex Junction, Essex, Hinesburg and Charlotte value their seniors and have such a facility. We have formed the Williston Senior Center Action Committee (WSCAC). Our objective is to help establish a Senior Center through the help of our organization, the town and concerned citizens.

The Senior Center we envision is a place open daily where seniors can gather for meeting friends, sharing morning coffee, playing games (cards, chess, bingo, etc.) or sharing a hot meal. In addition, it would be a location to consolidate all the senior activities so all seniors know about these activities. Another issue is to provide transportation to the senior center for seniors who no longer drive.

Williston is not a poor town. Certainly we can help our senior citizens who have given so much to us in their time! They are taxpayers too and deserve some return on their investment in the town. For those citizens of any age in Williston interested in helping get a Williston Senior Center established, you can assist us by showing your support and emailing or calling Vickie at 497-0017 or

Vickie Walker