Letters to the Editor

Sirotkin for Senate

Among a crowded field of 11 Democrats running for the Chittenden County Senate seat, Senator Michael Sirotkin clearly stands out. He is responsive to his constituents and seeks their input and has proven himself a very effective Senator. He is smart and hardworking and understands our part of the County, having lived with his late wife, former Rep./Sen. Sally Fox, in Williston and Essex for over 30 years.

I have had the privilege of knowing Michael since our kids went to preschool together in the 1980s. His long history of being engaged in improving the lives of working Vermonters is well known and highly respected. On Aug. 9, those of us selecting a Democratic ballot will each have six votes for Chittenden Senate. I believe that Senator Michael Sirotkin deserves one of those votes.

Jennie Cernosia

Lisman has experience to guide change

Vermont has been ranked second-to-last in the U.S. for best economic outlook. Our taxes are out of control and we have burdened businesses with taxes and regulations to the point where they are fleeing. They are heading to other, more affordable, states.

A recent Burlington Free Press article reported that “A Vermonter must work full time and earn more than $21 per hour to be able to afford a typical two-bedroom apartment.” Without a well-paying job, no person can afford that rate. Colleges like Champlain and VTC that teach job skills and give graduates a background in business and life skills help Vermont’s retention rate, but that is not enough.

The unbalanced Legislature has made Vermont’s economic outlook grim. Vermont deserves to hear both sides of any proposed legislation and then hopefully our representatives will vote on what is the right policy… not what will get them reelected and not just what the party leadership wants. We were a state of independent, crotchety thinkers…what has happened to us? Vermont needs an Independent or Republican governor to be a balance to the lopsided legislature. There must be veto power.

Bruce Lisman has 40 years of experience in business and does not come with any government connections. He will be able to think about efficiency and policy from the outside like a citizen and businessperson… like most of us. He is not afraid of change. He is not part of the system.

Vermont needs Bruce to help pull our state out of the economic hole that “let’s implement without worrying about how to pay for it” politics has dug us into.

Bruce’s plan to encourage responsible development of new housing will drive down renters’ rates. This, along with his plan to streamline and make accountable our economic development programs… will help create the proper jobs necessary to keep people in Vermont. Bruce’s experience and fresh outsider approach to Vermont’s economic crisis are exactly why he has my endorsement for Governor of the Green Mountain State.

Mary Evslin

In favor of Lisman’s human focus

My name is Baba Gee and I am probably one of the most anti-Republican folks you’ll ever meet, but Bruce Lisman has my full support for Governor of Vermont. Bruce has my support because he is the first Republican to actually display compassion for the human condition. I am a disabled cancer patient, and have great fear for our future. We have a rising heroin epidemic and a failed health care system that has sunk us $300 million in the hole. Our young people are leaving our state and we are at risk of losing local control of our education. Bruce is one of the first businessmen that I have seen that has an eye for how to handle our funds, but also an eye on the needs of Vermonters. Bruce is just the kind of person Vermont needs and I am confident to say that he is the best choice for Governor.

Baba Gee
South Burlington