Letters to the Editor

7 a.m. pipeline invasion

I am awakened by the rumble of heavy machinery several hundred yards from my house and I look out the window to see the earth being turned, a long furrow of fresh dirt, 50 feet wide, relentlessly traversing several properties.

Normally, construction work doesn’t continue until seven in the evening, but in this instance, Vermont Gas, like the schoolyard bully, has decided to work on their pipeline project 12 hours a day, six days a week and damn the neighbors and the quiet enjoyment one expects in the evenings and on weekends.

I am unable to drive from my house to the main road due to the many construction vehicles blocking traffic and have to wait at the whim of the flag person until I can proceed.

I live on a private road and the heavy-duty vehicle operators have taken it upon themselves to back up onto it, rather than turning around further down the town road. This constant abuse of the road is causing deep gouges and soil erosion, which the property owners are burdened with the cost of repairing.

I really would like to sit on my deck at the end of the day and enjoy the view, which is why I moved here in the first place, but I guess Vermont Gas and their environmentally damaging pipeline takes precedence.

Julie Bonanno

Speaking in
support of Faisal Gill

Faisal Gill is a new face on the Vermont political scene. The Winooski resident has announced his candidacy for the Vermont Senate. In this time of misinformed rhetoric and fear, Gill’s candidacy offers the voters of Chittenden County an opportunity to elect a senator who understands diversity and is a member of the Islamic Society of Vermont. His candidacy could not come at a better time.

Faisal Gill brings impressive qualifications to his candidacy. A lawyer by profession, he was appointed to the Vermont Medical Practice Board by Governor Peter Shumlin and has chaired the Winooski Community Service Commission for two years. Prior to arriving in Vermont, he served on active duty as a Lieutenant Commander in the U. S. Navy. On completion of his active duty, he worked in the White House as assistant counsel for Homeland Security.

Faisal Gill is the father of two adult sons and a teenage daughter. A moderate Democrat, his political interests focus on balancing the budget and higher education: College affordability and student debt are of particular interest, as is his desire for college graduates to be prepared to meet the requirements of Vermont’s workforce.

I am glad Faisal Gill is offering to serve in the Vermont Senate. I hope we elect him in November.

Robert L. Walsh
South Burlington