Letters to the Editor

Sirotkin announces reelection bid

I am pleased to announce I will be running for re-election to the Vermont Senate in the upcoming election.

Serving as a Chittenden County Senator continues to be a true honor. After my many years of advocacy for progressive and populist causes, I believe I was able to continue in the footsteps of my late and beloved wife, Senator Sally Fox, both during the remainder of her 2012 term and after being elected in my own right in 2014.

In 2014, I was proud to be quickly appointed by my peers to the influential Senate Finance Committee. It was a rare honor and privilege for a newly elected Senator.

I am also pleased to report my leadership on several consumer bills this year alone. These have included combating opiate abuse, paid sick and family leave, enhanced utility ratepayer representation, financing options for Burlington’s new potential downtown streets and infrastructure and farm to school and nutrition improvements for our children.

Please visit my homepage at for a listing of my positions and work over the last three years and please do not hesitate to contact me at any time at 860-6428 or

I hope and trust I can earn your vote to return to the Senate in the upcoming election.

Thank you.

Senator Michael Sirotkin
Chittenden County

Hinesburg police and the speed carts are to be applauded

I want to thank all the folks who have given positive feedback regarding the post I shared where Hinesburg Police were taking action on speeders. I’ve received emails at home and direct comments here on FPF. KUDOS to the folks that “get it.” Lives matter, no matter how old/young.

Most speed carts that you see in Vermont, especially those owned by local municipalities’ law enforcement, were purchased through OUR monies…Grants! They should be used to their fullest potential, not just every once-in-a-while.

Last year, the Williston Police reported [See graph above right] the use of the cart only once. I’m thinking we’ll see more reports this year.

These pieces of equipment should be used often and well as they are tools to aid police in gathering useful information. The equipment can let the driver of any vehicle know approximately how fast they are driving. Most, not all, speed carts give a VERY WIDE range of data which municipal police use for various reasons. It’s meant to be a tool to not only tell authorities how fast a car is traveling, but also time of day, number of vehicles during any given time, etc.

The data gained is to assist police in troubled areas. It also can be used for issues regarding concerns of the municipalities’ citizens in any given area….developments, school zones, etc. In the case of Oak Hill? Yesterday, I observed that the speed cart was placed near the intersection of Williston Road and Oak Hill…on Oak Hill. The information from that data will be interesting to see.

Yesterday, in a comment sent to my email regarding my earlier post, the writer advised he’d seen a young driver pulled over by a Williston Police Officer near the St. George town line on Oak Hill Road. The writer advised that the operator appeared to be a young teen-aged male; possibly headed to the high school. Hopefully, a lesson learned! A life saved.

Parents are not going to like their kids having to take the bus for 90 days and if not the bus, drive them to school. Personally, if it were my child, they’d ride the bus. Parents, I feel, get the child a car — saving them a trip to the school, etc. A parent can address safety behind the wheel until they turn blue. The teen listens, hears and goes along their merry way…too often, it would appear, as in the case of the young female driving 88 mph and pulled over by Hinesburg PD. She lost her sense of responsibility for herself and everyone else on the road that day! Thank goodness she was stopped.

This young girl got lucky! Her parents didn’t get bad news!

Everyone needs to take responsibility for their actions: parents, teenagers, peers, the list goes on! Paying the price of no license for 90 days rather than have a knock on their door with a police officer giving them news they don’t want to hear! Possibly the news changing their lives forever!

Sharon Palady,