Letters to the Editor

‘You’re the one that I want’… to thank, that is

Last week, the Williston Central School Drama Department delighted audiences with their production of “Grease.” The student cast members were tremendously talented, singing and hand-jiving their way through so many familiar favorites like “Summer Nights” and “Beauty School Drop-Out.”

But as most of us know, it takes more than stage talent to put on a wonderful production. It takes a production team, complete with directors, choreographers, producers and costume designers. And it was this team of dedicated professionals who graciously asked that in an effort to keep costs down for the school community, that we not recognize them in the tradition of past plays—with a bouquet of flowers and a gift.

We honored their request, but wanted to take this opportunity to share with the Williston community how lucky we are to have such a distinguished drama program as part of our school, and how thankful we are to be the recipients of such talented adults who are dedicated to helping our students learn to “shine” on stage—whether in front of the curtain or behind the scenes.

So, thank you…

Sean Moran, artistic director

Carol Spradling, musical director

Kaity McSalis, choreographer

Cathy Rylant, technical director

Lauren Wesnak, producer

Laura Gigliotti, costume designer

“We’re Hopelessly Devoted To You” for all you did for us.


The cast, crew and parents of this year’s drama production of “Grease.”

Kim Jennings