Letters to the Editor

Elect Joy Limoge for Selectboard
This past fall, long-time resident Jay Michaud resigned his Williston Selectboard seat before moving to North Carolina. The board left the position open, opting for residents to elect his replacement in March. Williston attorney Joy Limoge recently announced her candidacy to fill the remaining year of Michaud’s term. If elected, Joy will be an excellent asset for the Selectboard.
Joy’s local business experience and strong attention to detail will greatly benefit the board as it strives to create a well-reasoned budget. Joy is very personable —able to get along well with others, including those with opposing views. Because of her strong willingness to serve all Williston residents, she’ll improve our community and the lives of its citizens.
On March 3, I highly urge all Willistonians to vote for Joy Limoge to represent them on the Selectboard.
—Michael Benevento

Reelect Jeff Fehrs
I heartily endorse Jeff Fehrs for re-election to the Selectboard. Jeff is a long-term town resident with considerable depth and experience as to town processes and resources. He draws upon this background to serve residents’ needs. Williston has been through many changes over the years. Having a Selectboard member who brings historical perspective to the table helps ensure that long term impacts are weighed in the town’s decision making.
Jeff’s personal attributes also serve the town well. Jeff is reasoned and considerate and tries to understand different views before making decisions. He brings an independent voice and view to town issues. Jeff has a knack to ask the questions that get to the core of a problem, so a solution may be found. Jeff is fiscally responsible on town financial matters.
Williston has been well served by Jeff Fehrs. Please join me to re-elect him to the Selectboard.
—Mike Harris

Vote Ted Kenney
I would like to urge my fellow Willistonians to vote for Ted Kenney for Selectboard.
I am a biased observer; Ted is my husband! I have watched him balance a family with two working parents and two very active daughters (ages 10 and 12) with his career, volunteer work and town service. Ted has the energy and wisdom to do a great job on the Selectboard.
Many of you remember that Ted has already served Williston as a member of the Selectboard, the School Board and the Planning Commission. He is completely dedicated to Williston, and now coaches our 10-year-old daughter’s Williston Rec League Basketball team.
Ted was on the Selectboard when “The Great Recession” hit, and he has great experience in balancing the need to keep taxes low while funding essential services. His years on the Planning Commission and School Board give him a unique perspective that will help Williston plan for future growth while keeping the best of what we already have.
—Lucy Miller

Joy Limoge for Selectboard
I want to take a moment to let Williston voters know who Joy Limoge is. I’ve known Joy since our days together at Burlington High School back in the late 1970s. Joy’s list of accomplishments as an expert on legal ethics, her memberships with professional organizations and community involvement activities are too numerous to mention in such a short writing. What I want to tell you is how Joy was there for me and my family when my father, a WWII veteran, passed away in 2013 at the age of 104 years old. Joy’s personal attention to my family estate, the care and empathy she displayed to my family during such a difficult time in our lives screams volumes of who she is as a mother, wife, lawyer, professional and human being. I want to urge each and every voter who reads this to realize that Joy Limoge is EXACTLY what Williston needs for Selectboard. We as Vermonters and Americans are experiencing unprecedented times that require genuine and unabashed leadership. Joy is that leader not only for the organizations she is a member of, but for the community she so selflessly gives back to. She truly cares about making her community a better place to work and live. Joy will invest the same amount of care and effort for Williston as she has done for me and my family. As an Army officer who has served this great nation for over 24 years, and a combat veteran, I can think of no greater privilege than to endorse my very dearest friend Joy. Cast your vote on March 3rd and let your voices be heard that you care about your community by voting for Joy.
—Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Greg Bedrosian
Platte City, Mo.

Me & My Special Someone Dance
Lots of parents were posting pictures of their daughters getting ready for the annual Father/Daughter or “Me and My Guy” dances this past weekend. I love that our town calls it “Me and My Special Someone Dance.” It certainly solves the problem of not having a Dad in your home, whether they are living far away, deployed in the armed services, traveling for business, working an evening shift, unavailable, non-existent, or just not part of your family design. Every child can feel included, and choose to take the person that is really special to them. Just another reason to love Williston, Vermont.
—Bethany Lieberman