Letters to the Editor

School Board looking for input

Williston’s CVU School Board members would like to thank everyone who voted on the Turf Field Bond article. Although the Board is disappointed that the bond did not pass, we believe that the fields are a deferred maintenance issue that needs to be addressed. We would like your input on how we should proceed. Our contact information is listed in the Observer every week (page 6). We look forward to hearing from you.

Many of you had questions on how this project was prioritized within the school budget and how it fit into education at CVU. We will address those questions more clearly in the near future.

Again, our thanks for voting and our thanks in advance for communicating with us on how we should deal with our athletic fields.

— Jeanne Jenson, Polly Malik, Jonathan Milne and David Rath, Williston CVU School Board Members


Thanks to voters from Turf Fields Committee

On behalf of the CVU Turf Fields Committee, we would like to thank everyone that came out to the polls last Tuesday. Whether you supported the bond or not, the fact that you took time out of your day to vote is important. With the bond having been defeated by just 113 votes, it becomes clear how true the statement “every vote counts” really is and we appreciate all those who wanted their voices to be heard.

We acknowledge, and take seriously, the concerns that many in the community had about the project. We realize we need to do a better job addressing some of those concerns and providing clear, accurate information. We apologize if any voters were confused by our message, especially with regard to “no impact on taxes.” It was never the intent to mislead or confuse the issue.

As a volunteer committee, we need to take direction from the School Board and we hope to learn in the coming weeks how they wish to move forward. However, we remain committed to providing safe, sustainable fields for our community and still believe turf is the best solution to make that happen at CVU. We will regroup, re-evaluate, carry on with our fundraising and share plans for our next steps as soon as we can.

— Kellie Stoll, on behalf of the CVU Turf Fields Committee