Letters to the Editor

CVU Turf Fields Project

I am writing in support of the CVU Turf Fields Project. I am an interested community citizen. My kids are long gone from school, but I continue my involvement in helping kids through some coaching and community board involvement. Over time, I have coached hockey, baseball, basketball and football at a variety of levels, skills and genders. I also grew up in a family that for generations have been educators and coaches. Through those experiences, I have come to understand the value of the athletic experience as a critical element in the overall development of the person.

CVU has been adversely impacted by the inability of its teams to have regular and healthy practice time due to the lack of consistent availability of its practice fields. This is because the fields are unable to hold up to virtually any level of wet weather, and once they are wet, they are quickly unplayable and in quick disrepair. In athletics, wins or losses sometimes mask the true value of what goes on in the development of the athlete and the team. The overall quality of the training and development process is paramount. I would venture to guess, as has been my experience, that most coaches have fonder memories of a particular player and their growth than some of their big wins. This is how programs grow, the players grow as individuals and as teammates, and we as the educational community reap the full benefit of the experience. For coaches, the field is the classroom and no one would tolerate nor accept classrooms in this state of condition.

We hope that your support on Nov. 5 will help bring an athletic classroom deserving of our young people to reality.

— Kevin B. McCarthy


A gift to Williston and its not-for-profits

Thank you to the Mark Akey Family and their Williston village restaurant for creating Wednesday not-for-profit night—donating a percentage of the evening’s proceeds to Williston not-for-profits. Catamount was the beneficiary last Wednesday.

Supporting your Williston not-for-profits and having a great evening out at the same time makes lots of sense.

—Jim McCullough


Balance needed

There has been enough of the one-sided political cartoons. It isn’t enough that the occupant of the White House endlessly slams, criticizes, blames and dumps on the Republicans of this country, not to mention how condescending he constantly is, but is it necessary to further divide the population by printing derogatory cartoons in the Observer?

There ARE others besides Democrats here in Williston. Where is the balance?

—Kimberly Townsend


More oversight needed at NCSC

The Development Review Board will be doing the town of Williston and our environment a grave injustice if it allows the North Country Sportsman’s Club to move ahead with their plans as currently proposed.

Despite the lack of follow through at the Oct. 8 DRB meeting, this is an enforcement issue.

First, the NCSC brought in tons of fill without any of the three required permits: one town; two state.

Second, the fill contains significant amounts of “unclean” items (rebar, concrete, conduit, pipe, asphalt, fabric, brick, plastic, shot-gun casings). Who knows what sort of toxins have flowed through these pipes (sewer, chemicals, etc.)? We do know, however, that arsenic is a major toxin found in shotgun casings.

Third, additional fill was apparently brought in after the NCSC was told to stop work due to lack of permits. We can only assume this was to cover up “unclean” fill showing through, as a complaint had been filed to that matter.

Third, the NCSC stated several facts that were proven to be inaccurate.

Despite the above facts, it looks like their plans are to move forward.

Just because the ANR says they approve the work being done at the NCSC, doesn’t mean that what is being done is enough. How much oversight is the ANR/town actually investing in this site that is already polluting neighboring streams, land and water with severely toxic amounts of lead?

I was told that “The Development Review Board is the only entity in the Town of Williston that had the ‘b@##s” to follow the letter of the laws and would make the NCSC do the right thing”; so, once again I wonder why so much time is spent writing laws to protect our resources if no one is willing to enforce them.

—Mona Boutin