Letters to the Editor

Sept. 16, 2010

Celebrating with the neighbors

We wish to thank all of our Lawnwood Drive neighbors for throwing us a Baby Block Party on Labor Day. The Baby Block Party was a shower/block party to welcome our third child, due in October. The support and excitement that our neighbors have shared with us has been phenomenal. We couldn’t ask for a better community. The kids on our street spent many hours decorating and creating coupons to play with our kids and even walk our dog while we prepare for this next adventure.

Thanks again to all of our wonderful neighbors and we hope this Labor Day block party can become a regular event (although we don’t plan to have another baby next year!).

Amy and Ben Durant

Keep it civil

I am worried about the Letter to the Editor written by Dr. Glenn D. Goldman on the subject of salt as raised by Mrs. Ginger Isham. Yes, we can all disagree on things and we are all perfectly free to express our disagreement. However, we should do so in a civil and courteous manner. By calling Ginger’s stance “embarrassing” and “preposterous,” Dr. Goldman has left the realm of civil discourse. I think this is a pity and I urge the Williston Observer to reject in the future letters that denigrate other members of the community.

Luz Muller

Thanks to the voters

On behalf of the families of the Soldiers of Vermont National Guard Unit HHC Williston, I’d like to thank the Williston voters for their generous support of the bake sale held during primary voting on Aug. 24.

Peter Moreman, co-leader
Williston Headquarters Company of the Family Readiness Group