Letters to the Editor

A true memorial of rational reason
“It is altogether fitting and proper,” that a moment of calm in a sea of crazy has come to (hopefully) give “some measure of justice,” i.e. a true presidential act barring a $30 million import of 70-year-old guns from South Korea for resale in Vermont.
In a country drenched in devil’s tools and acts thereby, it is said jobs are lost (Leahy, Welch). Injustice and despair are diverted is my surmise, let alone:
A caring act of a true leader (President Obama).
A true tribute to rivers of everlasting despair and a glory of memorial to WWII’s Normandy invasion of June 6, 1944 at the 70th year anniversary.
Devices of violence give the eager negative fates a sure means to destroy all human strivings and hard-gained achievements in science, technology, law, etc.
A prayer from nature’s mind: Let not the dull destroy the bright; as so often brings human-created abject despair.
There are some who saw so much gore of World War II’s “guns galore” that they never used a gun again. Such is the hope of true intellect and sanity; gun mongers be damned. Seek for the “promised land,” not the cesspool.
If the sea of white crosses of Normandy, Sandy Hook, on and on, could smile, now the time would be.
Thank you, Mr. President, stand strong, live long.
Ronald Davis

U14 girls hockey—does your daughter want a challenge?
The Chittenden South Burlington Hockey Association ( has seen tremendous growth the past few years in the amount of girls playing hockey. It is clearly evident girls love to play hockey because it is fast, fun, challenging and a great opportunity to make new friends.
CSB offers U8, U10, U10/U12 development, U12 and U14 girls hockey programs. For the upcoming hockey season, CSB needs three more girls to play on the U14 girls team because many girls will be playing for their high school teams.
If you have a daughter who is 13 or 14 years old, knows how to ice skate and would like to try hockey, longtime coach Robin Hall is willing to teach your daughter how to play hockey. Robin has been involved in girls hockey for many years and is very passionate about getting more girls to try the sport. Robin and I are willing to meet your daughter at a public skate session at Cairns Arena to assess her skating and give your daughter advice on what she should work on prior to the season starting.
One position the team needs is a goaltender, so if your daughter plays goalie for field hockey, lacrosse, soccer or is a catcher in softball, I am sure she would love trying to be a goaltender in hockey.
One of the great things about girls hockey, as opposed to some other sports, is that your daughter will have a greater chance of making her high school team and playing four years of hockey for her school. Please send me an email at or call me at 922-4642 if your daughter is interested in trying girls hockey.
Scott Bushweller
Director of CSB Girls Hockey

Thank you, Williston Development Review Board
We send our sincerest thank you to the Development Review Board, which took the time to look at the facts we presented and to decide that what they saw was not in the best interest of our town’s environment and made their ruling in that regard.
We have known that our land and water were polluted with lead for quite a while now, through no fault of our own.  We are hoping that, with the town’s help, we can work to get the lead out.
Leo & Mona Boutin
Lead Free Williston