Letters to the Editor

Bakery owner thanks Maddie

Dear Maddie,

Thank you for your kind and positive memories of Kovals in the Williston Observer (“Add a family–owned bakery,” April 4). We at Kovals served Williston and many of the other communities with joy one month shy of 20 years.

Thank you Williston for giving our family that opportunity.

Oh! Maddie, we saved many of our recipes. If you ever want to bake your favorite chocolate frosted “rings” with fancy shots give me a call!

Marge Koval



Thoughts on proposed school calendar changes 

I am writing in response to the proposal for a change in the school calendar (“New school calendar could mean longer year, more breaks” April 18, 2013). My primary reason I would be against it at this time is our Vermont weather! Our summers are very short. I love the fact that our children can spend time outside just playing! We also travel out of state frequently in the summer to see family, as we don’t have to worry about snowstorms and unsafe travel conditions. I do not need my children having a week off in October or two weeks off in February. Not everyone can go away in the fall and winter for an extended vacation. It is less likely in the late fall and winter that we would have desirable weather conditions. It is easier in the summer to find affordable outdoor activities…think biking, hiking and playing catch. Yes, those who can will be able to ski more. Sledding…maybe a couple of hours at best. Even this April week with cooler than wanted temps, I may be planning some indoor activities while I juggle work and keeping the kids engaged. I plan on attending the community forums and promise to listen with an open mind.

If Williston was located in Arizona, like the area Ms. Pinckney visited, I might feel differently.

Julie Watson