Letters to the Editor (1/14/10)

Jan. 14, 2010


About the bomber


Shelley Palmer’s rant about firing Janet Napolitano (Letters to the Editor, Jan. 7) sounds like it came right off faux news! Spout inaccurate information and repeat Muslim several times!

Shelley states the would-be bomber boarded a flight twice without a passport, but if he did a little reading besides the Drudge Report (such as from CBS or the Associated Press) he may have found this info: The suspected terrorist who tried to blow up Northwest Flight 253 Christmas Day did present a passport to authorities in Amsterdam before boarding the Detroit-bound plane, Holland’s counter-terrorism agency said last Wednesday.

Arguing about whether this is a terrorist attack or criminal act does nothing to stop it from happening again. Who cares what you call it? No doubt mistakes were made. Is it humanly possible to stop everything and would we put up with disruption?


Philip Beliveau, St. George