Letters to the Editor (11/12/09)

Nov. 12, 2009


Put the roundabout to vote

While distributing, during October, the latest roundabout petitions requesting that a town vote be held in March 2010 to determine whether the project should go ahead or not, I have spoken with many Williston residents concerning the roundabout. A great many of those voters are having difficulty understanding why the Williston Selectboard is so adamant about pushing the project through based on the fact that many of the reasons for the project presented by the board at some of the informational meetings appear less than compelling and sometimes even frivolous.

Furthermore, some data was not even available, such as a recent inquiry of the effectiveness of the four-way stop that is presently in place or the effectiveness of the stoplight at the South Brownell Road and U.S. 2 intersection, a very similar one to the North Williston Road and U.S. 2 intersection, et cetera!

Many also feel that a popular vote would give the Selectboard an indicator of what the majority of the Williston voters think about the issue, one way or the other, and as such should not be prevented from taking place.

We would most certainly expect the Selectboard to respect the wishes of the Williston voters and to include the matter of the roundabout in the vote scheduled for early next year.

Marie Lareau, Williston


Support reading at the Food Shelf

Swift House in Williston Central School has been working to raise money for the CLiF organization, which stands for Children’s Literacy Foundation. The creator of this organization raises money and buys books to donate to places such as homeless shelters, family rooms in jails and low-income libraries.

Our goal is to raise $3,000 so we can buy brand new, high quality books for the Williston Food Shelf so that people who utilize the Food Shelf can also pick up a book for each child in their home for the holidays.

Please help us donate the gift of reading to children that frequent the Food Shelf. To help raise money, we are raffling off a High Definition Flip Video Camera. Each raffle ticket costs $5 or you can buy five tickets for $20.

We are also accepting donations. Checks can be made out to the CLiF Organization and can be turned in at the Williston Central School front office, or mailed to Swift House, Williston School District, 195 Central School Drive, Williston, Vt. 05495. Your help and donations to this cause are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support!

Josh Klein, Reneé Benoit and the families of Swift House


Obey the ‘move over law’

Most drivers in Vermont know when to move over for law enforcement, fire and rescue vehicles sounding sirens and displaying blue or red flashing lights.

However, they don’t know that when approaching a stationary tower and repair vehicle displaying an amber light, they are required by Vermont law to proceed with caution and, if traveling on a four-lane highway and safety conditions permit, make a lane change.

Every year nationwide, many law enforcement officers and towers are seriously injured and some die at the hands of careless drivers. The Vermont Towing Association, with the help of the Vermont DMV and our legislators, have added towers and repair vehicle drivers working along the side of the road to the Vermont Move Over Law.

Please obey the law and make it safe for the people who are here to serve you.

Vermont Towing Association


Thanks for the bottles

Williston Girl Scout Troop 30444 would like to extend a big thank you to all the businesses and residents who supported us with their generosity in our annual bottle drive. It all helps lead to a great scouting experience!

Betsey Dempsey, Troop leader


Chickens on the loose

To whom this may concern on Maple Road in Williston, who owns five hens wandering around other people’s property: If you may please contain them to YOUR property it would be gratefully appreciated.

Rhia Dumont, Williston


Take pride in CVU achievements

Once again an early November weekend provided the setting for extraordinary achievements by the students of Champlain Valley Union High School.

Championship finals for boys and girls soccer produced the time-honored thrills of skilled athleticism and competitive excitement, resulting in tremendous satisfaction on the part of team members, coaching staff, parents and friends of CVU. These teams and their supporters demonstrated the finest qualities of sportsmanship and success on the playing field.

The pride engendered by both teams and their brilliant seasons of play could only be matched by another school activity of similar and comparable achievement. CVU Drama inaugurated the new performance space in their renovated auditorium with a production that demonstrated equivalent challenges of emotional commitment and the demands of weeks of rehearsal and preparation. Their brilliant and dazzling production of “Pirates of Penzance” was performed by drawing upon such similar dedication and boundless energy as demonstrated by the soccer teams.

Final games of championship seasons and closing nights of CVU musicals share a common spotlight, highlighting imagination, talent, hard work and superior effort. The students and the staff who help to create and make real these achievements provide a source of legitimate pride for the entire CVU community and beyond. Thanks to them, each and every one, for making this weekend in November so memorable and so satisfying.

Steve Nasuta, Williston