Letters to the Editor (10/22/09)

Oct. 22, 2009

Stop shooting with lead

As we sit here, toxic lead continues to be spread into our environment at the North Country Sportsman’s Club off of Old Creamery Road here in Williston. I understand a gun club needs a place to shoot, but it also has the responsibility to protect the environment that surrounds it — and its neighbors.

People need to be reminded the right amount of lead allowed into the surrounding environment is NONE. Zero. Lead is toxic. The effects of lead are well-documented. Forty years of tons of lead shot contamination is a very long time for the NCSC to ignore lead reclamation practices or BLMP — best land management practices — here in Williston.

The EPA is very clear on this. The right way is to collect and recycle the lead, and ultimately, switch to other kinds of shot. Doing nothing is the wrong way. Doing nothing means lead potentially leaching into well head protection areas, soil contamination, farmland, gardens, poisoning of local streams and so on.

As neighbors, we relish the quality of life up in this area. Now this is threatened by decades of lead being shot and deposited into the surrounding soil, grassland and woodlands.

It’s not a question of “if” this will rear its ugly head in years to come, but “when?” I just hope we aren’t too late.

Peter Engisch, Williston


A roundabout petition

The roundabout controversy is not dying down. For those who have not followed the issue, the Selectboard decided to install a roundabout to replace the current four-way crossroad of Route 2, Oak Hill Road and North Williston Road. There was and continues to be wide opposition to this mainly because people believe that it would materially change the character of the historic village center. A petition opposing this roundabout was launched in spring this year and several hundred Williston residents signed it. However, the Selectboard decided to continue with its plans for the roundabout in spite of the result of this petition since it had not called for a popular vote.

I get the clear sense that a majority of Willistonians are opposing the roundabout but there are also a number in favor of it and both should be heard. I believe that a popular vote is the right way to go about it — let the majority of voting residents decide one way or another. A group of residents have now launched a petition calling for a popular vote on the issue and asking to have it put on the March 2010 ballot. This petition can be seen and signed at the following places in Williston: Bagels Plus, Paper Peddler, Men at Wok, Glamour Nails, UPS Store, Keeping Good Company, Rehab Gym, Sports and Fitness Edge, as well as on the bulletin board of the Williston Federated Church.

Lutz Muller, Williston